Best Practice Commissioning - EAc3

Intent To begin the commissioning process early in the design process and execute additional activities after systems performance verification is completed

Requirements Implement, or have a contract in place to implement, the following additional commission process activities:
  • Focused review of design prior to construction documents phase
  • Review construction documents when close to completion
  • Selective review of contractor submittals of commissioned equipment by an independent authority
  • Provide system and energy management manual
  • Have a contract in place to review operations with O&M staff including a report and process plan for IAQ concerns, and a plan for issues resolution within one year of construction completion

The intent and requirements described on this webpage are paraphrased from the copyrighted works of the USGBC "LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System November 2008", and, the CAGBC "LEED Rating System & Addendum for New Construction and Major Renovations LEED Canada-NC version 1.0 December 2004", and are presented here strictly for informational purposes and are not intended to supplant or be used in place of the original copyrighted works.