Thermal Comfort - EQc7

Intent To provide a comfortable thermal environment that promotes occupant productivity and well-being, and the ability to assess occupant thermal comfort over time

Requirements Comply with ASHRAE 55 - Design heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and the building envelope to meet the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 55-2004, Thermal Comfort Conditions for Human Occupancy

Permanent Monitoring System - Provide a permanent monitoring system to ensure that building performance meets the desired comfort criteria as determined by EQc7

The intent and requirements described on this webpage are paraphrased from the copyrighted works of the USGBC "LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System November 2008", and, the CAGBC "LEED Rating System & Addendum for New Construction and Major Renovations LEED Canada-NC version 1.0 December 2004", and are presented here strictly for informational purposes and are not intended to supplant or be used in place of the original copyrighted works.