Construction IAQ Management Plan - EQc3

Intent To reduce indoor air quality (IAQ) problems resulting from construction or renovation and promote the comfort and well-being of construction workers and building occupants

Requirements During Construction - Develop and implement an IAQ management plan for the construction and preoccupancy phases of the building as follows:
  • Meet or exceed the recommended control measures of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Contractors Association (SMACNA) IAQ Guidelines For Occupied Buildings Under Construction, 1995, ANSI/SMACNA 008-2008 (Chapter 3)
  • Protect stored on-site and installed absorptive materials from moisture damage. Make provisions for inspections and correction of deficiencies of building and systems, including moisture in HVAC, water-damaged walls etc. Schedule construction to minimize VOC absorption
  • If permanently installed air handlers are used during construction, filtration media with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8 must be used at each return air grille, as determined by ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999. Replace all filtration media immediately prior to occupancy
Flush-out / Testing - Develop an IAQ management plan and implement it after all finishes have been installed and the building has been completely cleaned before occupancy

Flush-out building with 4,300 m3 outside air per m2 (14,000 cf per sq ft) maintaining 16ºC (60ºF) inside temp and RH 60%, if mechanical cooling used OR flush-out building with 0.045 CM per m2 outside air at least 3 hours prior to sequential occupancy and greater of 0.045 m3/m2 or design minimum for remainder of flush-out period

Conduct a baseline IAQ testing procedure as per US EPA "Compendium of methods for the Determination of Air Pollutants in Indoor Air" meeting Table 1 pollutant minimums until all requirements met

Contaminant Maximum Concentration
Particulates (PM10) 50 micrograms per cubic meter
Formaldehyde 50 parts per billion
Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) 500 micrograms per cubic meter
Carbon monoxide (CO) 9 part per million and no greater than 2 parts per million above outdoor levels
4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH)* 6.5 micrograms per cubic meter
* This test is only required if carpets and fabrics with styrene butadiene rubeer (SBR) latex backing are installed as part of the base building systems.

The intent and requirements described on this webpage are paraphrased from the copyrighted works of the USGBC "LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System November 2008", and, the CAGBC "LEED Rating System & Addendum for New Construction and Major Renovations LEED Canada-NC version 1.0 December 2004", and are presented here strictly for informational purposes and are not intended to supplant or be used in place of the original copyrighted works.