Innovation in Design - IDc1

Implementation Exemplary Performance SSc7
  • Designed twice the underground parking space required by SSc7.1
  • Building is designed with 100% of parking spaces underground

Exemplary Performance WEc3
  • Designed water efficiency to exceed the next three logical increments above the WEc3.2 credit. Building is designed to use 61.4% less water (not including irrigation) after meeting all baseline water fixture performance requirements

Green Building Education
  • Posted interactive website to promote green buildings and the design and successes of this project. Website includes a pdf of facility guide handed out during tours
  • Installed a comprehensive permanent signage program to educate the occupants and visitors of the benefits of green buildings
  • Hosted an annual open house with guided tour on sustainable living, using the project as an example

Green House Keeping
  • Implemented a green cleaning policy for the building and site
  • Purchased Green Seal products and implemented Green Seal procedures