Alternative Transportation - SSc4

Implementation Public Transportation Access
  • Project located next to Admirals Walk Plaza with BC Transit bus routes #24 and #25
    • Required proximity must be within 400 m (1,312 ft)
    • Actual proximity is 170 m (558 ft)

Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms
  • 15 bicycle racks installed in secure courtyard under protective canopy.
  • 19 bicycle racks installed in bicycle storage room located on level P2 lower parkade.
  • Located main locker room adjacent to bicycle storage room on P2
  • Located men's shower and change room on level 1 next to courtyard vestibule
    • Required proximity must be within 183 m (600 ft) of building
    • Actual proximity is within building, 0 m (0 ft)
    • Required service must accommodate 5% of the 84 regular occupants (4 cyclists)
    • Actual service accommodates 40% of regular occupants (34 cyclists)
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Purchased 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid for staff use
  • Designated preferred parking for this vehicle at parking stall 64 on P1
    • Required service must accommodate 3% of the 84 occupants (2 people)
    • Actual service per vehicle accommodates 24% of regular occupants (20 people)
Parking Capacity and Carpooling
  • Completed a Transportation Impact and Parking Assessment that resulted in approving a zoning by-law variance which reduced the required off-street parking design from 94 to 66 stalls
    • Required reduction by LEED is 20%
    • Actual reduction is 30%
  • Implemented the following incentive programs to further reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use:
    • Subsidize 53% of cost for BC Transit Pro-Pass monthly bus pass for employees
    • Provide $2 per round trip for each employee who carpools to work
    • Provide $4 per round trip for each employee who walks or rides bicycle to work