Erosion & Sedimentation Control - SSp1

Implementation Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
  • Stockpiled topsoil for reuse
  • Inspected all municipal catch basins and manholes, prior to start of project
  • Cleaned any blocked or filled catch basins or manholes as needed to permit proper water flow
  • Lined all catch basin grates with filter material
  • Regularly inspected, cleaned and replaced filter material as needed
  • Maintained the existing paved areas as long as possible during the excavation process and minimized soils from being picked up by truck tires
  • Washed mud and dust from construction vehicles before they re-entered public roadways
  • Swept local streets and sidewalks periodically to recover any sand or soils tracked off-site by vehicle tires
  • Sprayed water for dust control
  • Complied with US EPA 832/R-92-005 (September 1992), Chapter 3