Water Use Reduction - WEc3

Intent To further increase water efficiency with buildings to reduce the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems

Baseline Water Fixture Requirements
Toilets 6.0 L/flush 1.6 gal/flush
Urinals 3.8 L/flush 1.0 gal/flush
Showerhead 9.5 L/min 2.5 gal/min
Faucets 9.5 L/min 2.5 gal/min
Replacement Aerators 9.5 L/min 2.5 gal/min
Metering Faucets 0.95 L/cy 0.25 gal/cy
20% Reduction - Employ strategies that use 20% less water than the baseline calculated for the building (not including irrigation) after meeting all baseline water fixture performance requirements

30% Reduction - Maximize water efficiency by reducing consumption by an additional 10% (30% total reduction)

The intent and requirements described on this webpage are paraphrased from the copyrighted works of the USGBC "LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System November 2008", and, the CAGBC "LEED Rating System & Addendum for New Construction and Major Renovations LEED Canada-NC version 1.0 December 2004", and are presented here strictly for informational purposes and are not intended to supplant or be used in place of the original copyrighted works.