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Product Releases - What's New

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May 1, 2015 [SMART-Space Controller™: Programmed Empowerment]
April 30, 2015 [RC-WebView® 3: Web Access for the Masses]
April 10, 2015 [myControl Customized Mobile Apps]
January 16, 2015 [Professional Performance Reports]

October 17, 2014 [Reliable Controls Releases RC-GrafxSet®]
September 2, 2014 [Reliable Controls Releases Workhorse Controllers: MACH-Pro1™ & MACH-Pro2™]
March 10, 2014 [Reliable Controls Adds Functional Options to SMART-Sensor™ Series]

November 20, 2013 [Reliable Controls® Releases MPP-O Expansion Module]
October 17, 2013 [Reliable Controls® Updates SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint Firmware]
April 10, 2013 [SMART-Sensor™ LCD with CO2 Sensor Released]

December 21, 2012 [MACH-ProAir™ Released]
September 24, 2012 [RC-Archive® 3 Unleashed]
July 30, 2012 [Product Enclosures]
May 28, 2012 [End Of Line Terminator]
February 17, 2012 [Introducing the MACH-ProZone™]

June 6, 2011 [EnOcean Wireless Integration]
May 17, 2011 [Brilliant Touch]
February 28, 2011 [Web server. Simplified.]

November 9, 2009 [All inputs in an expansion module… meet the MACH-ProPoint™ Input]
September 15, 2009 [Introducing GrafxSet 2.0 - 3D Building Automation Graphics]
August 10, 2009 [SMART-Space Controller Released!]
July 6, 2009 [RC-WebView® 2.0: The Solution You Need To Know More About]

June 10, 2008 [New Software Key from Reliable Controls®]
January 29, 2008 [Reliable Controls® unleashes the power of the MACH-Pro™ Series]

October 29, 2007 [RC-Archive® 2.0 Released]
August 2, 2007 [RC-Studio® 2.0 Upgrade]
June 26, 2007 [X-Port-2™ the Future]
June 13, 2007 [Next Generation the MACH-ProCom™]

August 23, 2006 [Rev G MACH1™ and MACH2™ Controllers]
July 24, 2006 [New RC-Studio 2.0 Release]
February 28, 2006 [Web Server Software for Building Automation Systems]

October 14, 2005 [New Offerings meet the MACH-Stat™]
July 28, 2005 [MACH-Vision™ New Enclosure, New Feature Set]
May 25, 2005 [Reliable Controls Releases the SPACE-Sensor™ Temperature]
February 24, 2005 [MACH-Air™ Keeps On Going And Going...]

December 1, 2004 [Reliable Controls® Releases RC-Studio® 2.0]
September 7, 2004 [SMART-Sensor™ LCD]
March 15, 2004 [Graphic Developer's Library]
January 29, 2004 [The MACH-Vision™ User Interface Controller]
January 12, 2004 [Product Release: Lighting Interface Module]

SMART-Space Controller™: Programmed Empowerment May 1, 2015

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of revision E of the SMART-Space Controller (SSC), which adds new features and improvements to existing features.

The core new features include:
  • An on-board 0-2000 ppm optional CO2 sensor
  • An expanded Control BASIC programming space, increased from 1000 bytes to 2000 bytes per program
  • Latching relays, which allows both AC and DC loads to be switched
  • Next generation microprocessor
  • A Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) feature allows outputs to be controlled from the buttons and display
  • Support for new Control BASIC functions (RAMP and FLOAT)
  • A new end-of-line slide switch supports manual points reporting
The SMART-Space Controller is designed for small pointcount, standalone or distributed network applications supporting up to 200 SSCs per network. Models include up to 4 outputs and 4 inputs. Options include any combination of occupancy sensor, humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, real-time clock, and ºC/ºF switch.

Take ownership of your personal environment with this latest version of the Reliable Controls SMART-Space Controller. [Learn more about the Reliable Controls controller products]
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RC-WebView® 3: Web Access for the Masses April 30, 2015

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-WebView 3.

This thin client application allows operators to view, edit, and override BACnet inputs, outputs, variables, schedules, and alarms, as well as graph and print trend and runtime logs using a modern browser. The powerful enterprise hub and scheduling features allow managers to link multiple independent systems together and push hierarchical schedules across multiple facilities.

RC-WebView incorporates the same graphic structure as RC-Studio® and the MACH-ProWeb™ graphical user interface, providing seamless integration to existing MACH-System™ projects. The Navigation Group feature further extends the graphical integration capabilities of the software, allowing URL links to connect with any third party, web-based interface.

Administrators will appreciate the powerful enterprise capabilities of RC-WebView and its flexible permission controls for managing user accounts and accessibility.

Designed to take full advantage of the latest web technologies and mobile platforms, RC-WebView is the ideal web solution for today's progressive facility manager.

[Learn more about the Reliable Controls software products]
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myControl Customized Mobile Apps April 10, 2015

Configured by a Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer, the myControl® mobile app offers fully customized mobile interfaces to any Reliable Controls MACH-System™.

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of myControl®, a fully customized, mobile interface for the MACH-SystemTM. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, and can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The myControl user interface provides individual personal control for occupants through accessible settings for occupancy, temperature, lighting, ventilation, and more. Having personal access offers user empowerment and accountability, as well as the potential for additional energy savings.

Encompassing three different views, any MACH-System control point can be monitored and adjusted using this hotly anticipated app. Features include:
  • Configuring of multiple groups of points using any mix of the three currently available views
  • Backwards compatible with any MACH-System that includes an Ethernet-connected MACH-ProWeb™ controller
  • STATview, which provides a programmable thermostat interface, allowing users to monitor and control the operation of HVAC equipment
  • LISTview, which provides a custom list of up to 12 system points that an occupant or operator can quickly view and adjust
  • SPACEview, which provides an intuitive interface for occupants to adjust environmental conditions in their space
The myControl app allows occupants to dynamically adjust their individual comfort settings while providing owners and operators with the energy savings they require to run an efficient facility.

[Learn more about the Reliable Controls software products here]
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Professional Performance Reports January 16, 2015

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the release of RC-Reporter®, a web-based application that lets users efficiently sift through their large volumes of archived building data or imported CSV files, and quickly tag relevant points for analysis and report generation. Filtered and categorized data is then linked to a variety of modular report components, which produce line, bar, and pie charts, and profile, correlation and exception graphs.

The components are then dragged and dropped into a report layout, and embellished with text, images, background, and borders to produce a professional looking document. Standard and advanced querying allows for deeper analysis when needed. Automated report distribution allows users to share their reports through email with attached PDFs or embedded links.

Using the latest in web technologies, RC-Reporter is designed to operate optimally using any standard browser. Developed for both mobile devices and workstations alike, complete functionality is accessible from a PC, Mac, or smart phone device.

RC-Reporter delivers a simple, flexible, and sustainable web-based solution that provides facility operators with the intelligence they need to clarify their building performance and to quickly make informed operational decisions to improve the triple bottom line.

[Learn more about Reliable Controls RC-Reporter]
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Reliable Controls Releases RC-GrafxSet® October 17, 2014

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-GrafxSet, graphical images and services software that allows users to quickly generate professional, 3D system graphics for RC-Studio and RC-WebView using an agile, online graphic developer subscription library.

RC-GrafxSet features hundreds of professionally drawn images, including 2D and 3D rendered objects and components in intuitive and easy-to-use libraries. Complete with numerous realistic and exciting animations, the library features a wide variety of equipment, frames, and icons that users can download to best illustrate custom installations. Features include:

Professional Libraries
  • Isometric Library: allows users to access thousands of images and hundreds of animations organized in a very efficient graphical user interface; images are rendered as isometric projections and organized in over 50 categories spanning a wide array of HVAC equipment, components, architecture, elements, furniture, instrumentation, and peripherals
  • Conical Library: allows users to access built-up equipment rendered in a conical projection, providing slightly enhanced and more realistic views of equipment
  • User Library: allows users to access works of art developed by other RC-GrafxSet users and evaluated by Reliable Controls
  • Updates Library: allows users to access the latest additions to the Isometric, Conical, and User libraries

  • Download Service: provides access to images within individual libraries, allowing users to view, drag, and drop directly from the library or download as one large zip file
  • Requests Service: allows users to submit image requests to developers and graphic artists via this online service
  • Service Support: provides technical documentation and other support files

myGrafxSet Portal
  • myGrafxSet Portal: allows users to log in to a secure portal to renew a subscription, view messages from the administrator, view a history of downloads from the account, and submit images to the administrator for inclusion in the User library; this portal remains accessible even after a subscription lapses

[Learn more about RC-GrafxSet]
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Reliable Controls Releases Workhorse Controllers: MACH-Pro1™ & MACH-Pro2™ September 2, 2014

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of the MACH-Pro1 and MACH-Pro2, fully programmable, BACnet® building controllers (B-BC) designed to be the new workhorse controllers of the industry.

Featuring rugged flexibility, the MACH-Pro1 is ideal for mid-sized rooftop equipment or small mechanical room applications, while the MACH-Pro2 provides expanded capabilities ideally suited to large, MS/TP rooftop equipment and mid-sized mechanical room applications. Features include:
  • 12 Universal Inputs
  • 8 Universal Outputs
  • Optional HOA switches with position feedback
  • Removable 45º terminal blocks
  • Proportional status LEDs on each input and output
  • BACnet® MS/TP network connection
  • EIA-232 PC/Modem connection
  • Support for SMART-Sensors (MP1 supports 8 / MP2 supports 16)
  • MACH-Pro2 provides expansion capability, accommodating up to three MACH-ProPoint expansion modules of any combination (e.g.: MPP-I, MPP-IO, and MPP-O)
The MACH-Pro1 and MACH-Pro2 provide perennial performance with a sleek design, delivering impressive capabilities in a small package.

[Learn more about the Reliable Controls® MACH-Pro1 and MACH-Pro2 controllers]
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Reliable Controls Adds Functional Options to SMART-Sensor™ Series March 10, 2014

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of several new optional features to the popular SMART-Sensor™ line of products, providing added functionality while opening the door for more customized installations and promoting the right device for each unique space.

A complement to any room, the Reliable Controls SMART-Sensor™ series delivers a communicating sensor solution, which allows the connection of up to ten configurable parameters related to a space. In addition to the onboard temperature sensor and optional CO2, humidity, and occupancy sensors, the SMART-Sensor has the following new options:

LED Backlight
  • An LED backlight option is available for SMART-Sensors™ with LCD displays; the backlight will switch off 10 seconds after the last button press and if auto blanking is enabled, the initial button press will turn the display on

°C/°F Switch
  • A Celsius/Fahrenheit toggle switch option is available for SMART-Sensors™ with LCD displays

Setpoint Slider
  • An optional linear potentiometer setpoint slider can now be ordered

Override Button and Up/Down Buttons
  • Standard SMART-Sensors can be ordered with an optional override button to indicate occupancy during unoccupied periods, and an up/down button option for setpoint adjust.

The SMART-Sensor packs a tremendous amount of measurement capability into a small, wall-mounted package.

[Learn more about the Reliable Controls® SMART-Sensor]
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Reliable Controls® Releases MPP-O Expansion Module November 20, 2013

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the official release of the MACH-ProPoint Output (MPP-O) expansion module, a flexible solution ideal for applications with large output requirements.

Featuring 16 universal outputs, the MPP-O provides maximum output flexibility. Mix and match up to 8 MACH-ProPoint expansion modules (MPP-IO, MPP-O, and/or MPP-I) to achieve up to 128 inputs or 128 outputs. The maximum possible total I/O for any controller is 168 points. Expansion modules are daisy-chained to the I/O-Net port of a MACH-Pro or MACH-ProWeb controller in any combination while limiting the total inputs, outputs, and modules below the maximum.

The MPP-O provides a sleek design with complete flexibility and optional HOA switches and 45 degree connectors. Models with the HOA switches have the switch position status displayed in the RC-Studio Advanced Workstation Software (AWS).

[Learn about the MACH-ProPoint Output expansion module]
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Reliable Controls® Updates SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint Firmware October 17, 2013

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of firmware version 2.10 for the SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint (SSEA) product. This update provides significant added functionality to the SSEA, the most notable change involving the ability to transmit as well as receive, opening the door for communications with many additional devices.

This firmware update enables the following new features:
  • Two-way wireless interface, allowing the SSEA to transmit wireless control packets to and receive wireless status packets from qualified third-party EnOcean wireless devices, as well as some non-qualified, third-party devices
  • EnOcean RPS wireless switches, including single rocker, dual rocker, and keycard variants, which can now be learned by the SSEA
  • Door/window sensors using the EnOcean 1BS message type
  • Generic learn of 4BS wireless controllers and sensors
  • Ability to repeat EnOcean wireless packets
  • Additional support for new occupancy, gas, automated meter, environmental, and lighting EEPs
  • Forcing SMART-Net™ writes via Control-BASIC™ WRITE statements, allowing periodic retransmissions of wireless packets when using SSEAs
All firmware files for the SSEA and SSE are installed at Reliable Controls and do not require any user action.

[Learn more about Reliable Controls® wireless integration]
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SMART-Sensor™ LCD with CO2 Sensor Released April 10, 2013

The SMART-Sensor™ LCD, performing with excellence since its initial release in 2004, has just been significantly improved. An integrated CO2 sensor option has now been added to further compliment the feature-rich design of this flexible and economical product. The new CO2 sensor has a convenient auto-calibration feature that establishes a baseline CO2 level for any space. So it calibrates on its own! The new CO2 model adds yet another desirable option to the SMART-Sensor's all-in-one packaging, eliminating the need to install multiple sensing devices in a given space.

Technical Specifications for the CO2 Model
  • Non-Dispersive Infrared Optical Sensor
  • 0-2000 PPM range
  • Accuracy ±50 PPM ±3% of reading (resolves to 1 PPM)
  • Manual calibration is available
  • Automatic calibration built-in
  • Non Linearity < 1% of full scale
  • Power: adds 2 mA to the base SSL (extremely low power)

Click here for more information on the SMART-Sensor™ LCD with CO2 or email
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MACH-ProAir™ Released December 21, 2012

The MACH-ProAir™ (MPA) advanced VAV controller continues the tradition of Reliable Controls® MACH-System intrinsic simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The inherent nature of the flexible models, dynamic database and easy, custom programmability make the MACH-ProAir™ an obvious choice for today’s energy conscious VAV applications.

To further support the worldwide network of Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealers as they embrace these conscientious changes to traditional methods, the MACH-ProAir™ will be released complete with a library of standard applications that implement the energy conservation requirements and sequences of operation of ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1- 2012 and 2012 IECC.

Product Highlights

  • The flow and motor control algorithms are embedded in the MACH-ProAir™ firmware (The parameters used by these algorithms are hard coded into the controller’s points.)
  • Improved flow sensor can handle +/- 2 inches H20, better resolution and accuracy (Negative pressure is possible which makes new control applications possible.)
  • The End-Of-Line (EOL) network terminator is a slide switch, a first for Reliable Controls®, making termination easy – an amber status LED shows the controller is terminated
  • The SMART-Net port has the traditional RJ- 11 connection and a new 4 pole large screw terminal block
  • TRIACs are internally connected to a common terminal labeled “R~” (On MPA-12 models the TRIACs are internally connected to the 24 VAC terminal.)
  • No configuration jumpers, all configuration items are handled in software
  • Improved Motor Torque increased to 45Nm from 35Nm
  • Automatic actuator calibration on power-up can now be disabled

For more information on the MACH-ProAir™ visit
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RC-Archive® 3 Unleashed September 24, 2012

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the official release of version 3 of RC-Archive® containing many new and exciting features to enable seamless data acquisition. The new version of RC-Archive® adds archiving support for the following new objects: BACnet® Single-point and Multipoint Trend Logs, and BACnet® and Reliable Controls Protocol Runtime Logs. In fact, BACnet® is now a fully supported connection method, allowing discovery and data collection from any Reliable or third-party BACnet project using an IP network.

For those who operate facilities that cannot accommodate the standard USB-Key (RC-Key) required to license RC-Archive®, a new soft license option may be purchased to authorize RC-Archive without a USB software key.

The new scheduled database update interval allows end-users to specify one of three new database synchronization scenarios for the entire system:
  • Once every 1, 2, 6 or 12 hours,
  • Once every 24 hours at a user-specified hour, or
  • At a user-specified day of the week, at a user-specified hour.
Separate from scheduled database updates, RC-Archive® updates as often as is required to preserve data.

BACnet® Trend Log archiving for both Multipoint and Single-point objects, and Runtime Log archiving, for both BACnet® and Reliable Controls® Protocol will allow archived data to be visually displayed in reports generated in the new RC-Reporter Energy Tracking and Analysis Software, the MACH-ProWeb™ user interface, and RC-Studio®.

Further details and a demonstration can be found at
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Reliable Controls® Product Enclosures July 30, 2012

Reliable Controls® offers five equipment enclosures that provide an economical, professional, and branded solution for control equipment protection. Purpose-built for the controls industry, the enclosures maximize the number of Reliable Controls® devices that can be accommodated.

The catalog sheet for our ENC series of enclosures have recently been updated. The catalog sheet includes a typical selection of controllers shown to scale. There are five available sizes.

ENC-76x10176.2 cm W x 101.6 cm H x 15.2 cm D
(30" W x 40" H x 6" D)
ENC-51x7650.8 cm W x 76.2 cm H x 15.2 cm D
(20" W x 30" H x 6" D)
ENC-40x7640.6 cm W x 76.2 cm H x 15.2 cm D
(16" W x 30" H x 6" D)
ENC-30x4030.5 cm W x 40.6 cm H x 15.2 cm D
(12" W x 16" H x 6" D)
ENC-30x3030.5 cm W x 30.5 cm H x 15.2 cm D
(12" W x 12" H x 6" D)
MACH-System Product Enclosures

All enclosures incorporate the following features:
  • 16 gauge steel panel and door, painted glossy black inside and out,
  • Removable aluminum internal mounting plate, painted white,
  • Conduit knock-outs on all four sides,
  • Grounding post, and
  • Hinged door with key lock.
Visit for more information.
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Reliable Controls® End Of Line Terminator May 28, 2012

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce a new product called the "End Of Line Terminator". Many third-party BACnet® integrations require a connection to Reliable Controls® MS/TP devices, and it has become increasingly evident that many of these third-party devices do not come with built-in end-of-line terminators. As a result, these third-party devices sometimes function as the physical end; but have no means to terminate.

After listening to its Authorized Dealer network, Reliable Controls® has created a solution to this growing problem. The Reliable Controls® End Of Line (EOL) Terminator provides the ability to properly terminate EIA-485 twisted pair networks. The EOL has 24VAC input power and is a biased terminator similar to those found on all of Reliable Controls® controllers. The device has a red power LED to indicate the device is powered correctly and comes with convenient mounting screws and removable 5mm rising cage terminal blocks.

Visit for more information.
Reliable Controls End-Of-Line Terminator
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Introducing the MACH-ProZone™ February 17, 2012

Reliable Controls® is proud to announce the official release of the MACH-ProZone™. Small, durable and packed with flexibility, the MACH-ProZone™ is a fully programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) with highly scalable I/O in a very small footprint. The MACH-ProZone™ is ideal for a wide range of applications that include small to mid-sized roof top and heat pump applications, and small mechanical room applications.

The controller features up to 8 universal inputs and up to 8 universal outputs with jumper selectable TRIAC configuration. The MACH-ProZone™ ships standard with removable connectors and support for 8 SMART-Sensors, as well as an industry renowned 5 year warranty. The MACH-ProZone™ is the third product line to join the Pro-Series of controllers.

Learn all about the MACH-ProZone™ at
The MACH-ProZone BACnet Building Controller
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EnOcean Wireless Integration June 6, 2011

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the launch of a new product series that integrates EnOcean Wireless technology into the MACH-system. The initial launch of the Reliable Controls® wireless line currently consists of two devices, that when used together, can facilitate wireless EnOcean communication into any existing MACH-System without the need of software upgrades.

The SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean (SSE) is a wireless and batteryless transmitter that resides in the occupant space. The SSE uses a photovoltaic cell to convert solar energy into electrical energy that is stored in the device. A fully charged SSE will continue to function in complete darkness for up to 7 days. Transmission rates can be DIP switch selectable from every 10, 60, or 100 seconds. Transmission distances can be from a maximum of 30 m (100 ft) line of sight, or 10 m through five commercial drywall walls, 2 brick walls, or two aero concrete walls.

The SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint (SSEA) is a transceiver that connects directly to any Reliable Controls® SMART-Net network. The SSEA can be added to any existing SMART-Net network and there is no need to upgrade firmware or software. Each SSEA can learn up to 18 different wireless points. Depending on the type of MACH controller used, 2 to 8 SSEAs can reside on the controller’s SMART-Net.

Learn more about Reliable Controls® wireless integration @
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Brilliant Touch May 17, 2011

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the new Touch Screen Panel. Optimized to deliver high luminance and robust performance, the Touch Screen Panel (TSP) is a compact, fanless touch panel computer with an embedded Windows operating system ideal for Web browser, kiosk, and all other HMI touch applications.

The centerpiece of this product line is a 15" Panel-PC. Reliable Controls® spent a significant amount of time researching touch screens and we are confident that this product works very well with RC-Studio® 2.0. The TSP also comes with a 7-year service life from the manufacturer, which is to say it will not be phased out by the manufacturer for 7 years. Most consumer-based touch screen products are supported for less than a year. The manufacturer’s warranty is two years. The TSP can also be purchased with an installed copy of RC-Studio® 2.0, at a discounted price. A 4-point VESA 75 mounting bracket for the TSP is an optional accessory.

Learn more about the Touch Screen Panel @
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Web server. Simplified. February 28, 2011

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the official release of the fully programable MACH-ProWeb™ (MPW) BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) with a built-in Web server and operator interface. The MACH-ProWeb™ is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of a BACnet® Operator Workstation (B-OWS).

The Reliable Controls® MACH-ProWeb™ combines the field controller, configurable Web server, and browser driven workstation into a single device which is simple to use, flexible to engineer, and highly economical. In fact, the MACH-ProWeb™ is the first three-in-one device of its kind, combining B-BC, B-OWS, and Web server capabilities into a single package with an installed footprint of a typical building controller.

Program the MACH-ProWeb™ point database, Control-BASIC sequence, and graphics just as you would for any other Reliable Controls® product. The MACH-ProWeb™ is a fully functional BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC). Using the MACH-ProWeb Tools in RC-Studio® 2.0, it is extremely simple to select and post resource files to the MPW and manage future changes.

The MPW interface provides total functionality required for day-to-day building operations Using a standard browser (IE 8, Firefox 3, Chrome 5, Safari 5, or higher) on a PC or Mac, enter the URL of the MACH-ProWeb™ and navigate through the system to access and print point values, alarms, schedules, trend logs, runtime logs, and audit trails.

The AHR Expo and its co-sponsors, ASHRAE and AHRI, recently recognized the MACH-ProWeb™ with an Honorable Mention designation in the Building Automation Category of the 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. A panel of industry professionals, selected for their knowledge and expertise in HVACR, found the MACH-ProWeb™ to be worthy of this industry-coveted recognition.

Find out about the MACH-ProWeb™ on the Reliable Controls® website @
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All inputs in an expansion module… meet the MACH-ProPoint™ Input November 9, 2009

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the release of the MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module, a flexible solution for maximizing the monitoring capacity of a MACH-ProCom™ or MACH-ProSys™ controller.

Each MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module features 24 universal inputs. MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion modules can be mixed with standard MACH-ProPoint™ expansion modules in any combination on a single I/O-Net trunk. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be connected to a single MACH-ProCom™ controller. Up to 7 expansion modules can be added to a MACH-ProSys™ controller. A single MACH-ProCom™ or MACH-ProSys™ controller can accommodate a maximum of 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

Learn about the MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module at
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Introducing GrafxSet 2.0 - 3D Building Automation Graphics September 15, 2009

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of GrafxSet 2.0 Graphic Developer’s Subscription Library. Quickly generate professional 3D system graphics for RC-Studio 2.0 and RC-WebView 2.0 using this agile, online graphic developer's subscription library. GrafxSet 2.0 contains four main components:

  • Library Viewer – allows you to quickly view more than 600 png images and swf animations organized in 19 folders. The current folder lineup includes: Actuators, Boilers, Buttons, Chillers, Coils, Compressors, Dampers, Ducts, Fans, Filters, Icons, Misc, Pipes, Pumps, Sensors, Systems, Valves, VAV Boxes and Windows. Image attributes include name, filesize, creation date and the ability to view as thumbnail or full size.

  • Recent Additions – provides a convenient listing of the last 24 items posted to the library.

  • Graphic Requests – a full featured, easy to your service that lets you submit an image request to our developers and graphic artists. This service allows you to describe your request and conveniently upload examples or links to your concept. An active log of past requests is included in the service allowing you to see the details and status of previous graphic requests.

  • My GrafxSet – using your subscription product key as a password, access this protected area to download the entire GrafxSet library, renew your subscription, view and submit graphic requests, view available updates to your library, view your entire library, and view your library download history. The My GrafxSet service remains accessible even after your subscription lapses. In this situation, the only service that remains active is the renew subscription service.

For more information about GrafxSet 2.0, please visit
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SMART-Space Controller Released! August 10, 2009

Reliable Controls® is very pleased to announce the release of the SMART-Space Controller. This compact and fully programmable BACnet® controller is designed for small point-counts that require a local LCD display and easy access to setpoint adjust, point override and schedule changes.

The controller can be configured for standalone operation, or can be networked on BACnet MS/TP for distributed applications. Standard features include up to 4 outputs and 3 inputs, a dedicated onboard temperature sensor, and optional features include any combination of occupancy sensor, humidity sensor, or real-time clock.

The standard SSC model has 2 universal inputs and 2 outputs jumper selectable to be either universal or TRIAC. The package model (SSCP) and enhanced model (SSCE) provide an additional universal input and additional TRIAC outputs. All models support BACnet MS/TP and auto-Baud/auto-address functionality.

[More on SMART-Space Controller]

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RC-WebView 2.0: The Solution You Need To Know More About July 6, 2009

The latest release of RC-WebView® 2.0 offers many exciting additions that make the offering a practical and dependable fit for projects requiring web-enabled building access. One aspect of RC-WebView® 2.0 that often raises eyebrows is its support for BACnet® objects, including BACnet Schedules, Calendars, Alarms, and Trend Logs.

In fact, RC-WebView® 2.0 Trend Logs have an appearance consistent with RC-Studio® 2.0, including full viewing and even support for Trend Log data stored in RC-Archive® 2.0. RC-WebView® 2.0 users can also access Trend Log archived data through their browser interface, can export the data, and apply a filter to locate exceptions.

Support has also been added for access to BACnet® systems without any Reliable controllers through Workstation Groups created in RC-Studio® 2.0. And, the latest version of RC-WebView® 2.0 allows for user customization – permissions and preferences can be set for menu display, alarm notifications, auto log-off, graphic update mode, requirement for reason for change, and the ability to change Auto/Manual are all configurable for each user.

[More on RC-WebView 2.0 Web Server Software]

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New Software Key from Reliable Controls® June 10, 2008

After extensive discussions with our Authorized Dealer network, Reliable Controls® has moved forward with initiatives to strengthen our software authorization process by employing a software key. RC-Archive® 2.0 Update 1.10 is the first software offering from Reliable Controls® to require the use of a software key (USB-Key) for authorization. USB-Key from Reliable Controls

USB-Key Laptop Application The Reliable Controls® USB-Key offers several key advantages. Firstly, the USB-Key will not automatically de-authorized if something changes on the PC (e.g., bios setting, hard drive upgrade, etc). Secondly, it is easy to move the license on the USB-Key between machines. If the client buys a new machine, simply download the latest software from the web, and insert the USB-Key, and the installation will be automatically authorized. Another advantage of the USB-Key is that administrators can expand the number of archives permitted by purchasing additional licenses and adding them to an existing USB-Key. The new RC-License Manager™ software that ships with RC-Archive® 2.0 Update 1.10 allows this to be done easily. Yet another advantage of a USB-Key is that administrators can borrow the license from the USB-Key and hold it in a machine for up to 7 days. This is very handy if end-users or administrators wish to operate a machine temporarily without a USB-Key, or to temporary authorize a machine for a balancing contractor or commissioning agent. And lastly, in the future, administrators will be able to add licenses for RC-Studio®) or RC-Toolkit®, or any other Reliable Controls® software, when those software products are updated for use with a USB-Key.

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Reliable Controls® unleashes the power of the MACH-Pro™ Series January 29, 2008

MACH-ProSys Building ControllerReliable Controls® is proud to announce the release of two new products, the MACH-ProSys™ building controller and the MACH-ProPoint™ expansion module. Two years in the making, these products recently made a prominent splash at the AHR Expo 2008 in New York and are now available for purchase through a Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer near you.

The MACH-ProSys™ is a sleek and powerful 32-bit based BACnet® device that delivers unprecedented value in a high performance programmable building controller. The MACH-ProSys™ provides high speed communications, 12 inputs and 8 outputs, and multi-protocol support. The MACHProSys™ controller database allows users to define up to 160 universal I/O on a single address. The additional I/O points are added to the MACH-ProSys™ using convenient MACH-ProPoint™ I/O expansion modules. Up to 7 MACH-ProPoint™ expansion modules can be added to each MACHProSys™ controller, an idea combination for large installation projects.

MACH-ProPoint Expansion ModuleThe MACH-ProPoint™ is a general purpose expansion module designed for use with the MACH-ProCom™ and MACH-ProSys™ BACnet® controllers. Each MACH-ProPoint™ expansion module offers a robust 12 universal inputs and 8 universal outputs. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be connected to a single MACH-ProCom™ controller and up to 7 expansion modules can be added to the MACH-ProSys™ controller. Both maximum configurations increase the controller capacity to 96 inputs and 64 outputs, or 160 I/0 on a single address. Each expansion module has a separate isolated 24 VDC power supply for powering peripheral devices. The expansion module is also available with optional HOA (Hand/Off/Auto) switches and adjustable voltage trim potentiometer for convenient field override.

For further information on these exciting new products visit, the MACH-Pro™ Series Controllers page.

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RC-Archive® 2.0 Released October 29, 2007

RC-Archive® 2.0 has recently been released by Reliable Controls® and offers a myriad of new features and functionality added to what is already considered by many in the building automation industry to be the pinnacle suite of BAS software.

RC-Archive® 2.0 is a dependable SQL-based data acquisition application used to create long-term Trend Logs archived from multiple buildings. End-users can quickly gain access to numerous Trend Logs recorded from multiple buildings, automatically polled using Ethernet (IP) communications. Alarm messages can be automatically emailed by the server to communicate server status. RC-Archive® 2.0 maintains an SQL database of Trend Log data which is accessed by Reliable Controls® workstation software, RC-Studio® 2.0, to provide seamless integration with real-time online data. Archived data can be easily viewed, graphed, printed, or exported into third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

[Learn more about RC-Archive® 2.0]
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RC-Studio® 2.0 Upgrade August 2, 2007

RC-Studio® 2.0 is a powerful and intuitive BACnet® operator workstation application that allows building engineers and operators to think outside of the box and create control programs and interfaces that are limited only by the imagination.

The Q3 2007 release of RC-Studio® 2.0 is a major update that offers end-users a wide array of new and enhanced features to benefit workflow and ease-of-use.

Some of the new RC-Studio® 2.0 features include:
  • Support for Microsoft Vista,
  • Support for X-Port-2™ and MACH-ProCom™,
  • Support for RC-Archive® 2.0,
  • Timed override flips Manual points to Auto,
  • Allows universal time synchronization, for systems that span multiple time zones,
  • Manual points have optional color change and/or hand symbol,
  • Support for long filenames in the Network Status worksheet, and
  • Improved scale-to-fit supports standard graphic formats.
The major focus of the Q3 2007 update is to expand the BACnet® capabilities of RC-Studio® 2.0. A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for viewing the BACnet® Schedule Object and the BACnet® Calendar Object is included, as well as an enhanced BACnet® Trend Log GUI incorporating support for the new RC-Archive®.

This new GUI allows both archived data and the current controller’s data to be simultaneously displayed in the same interface, creating a seamless presentation between past and present data.

[Learn more about RC-Studio® 2.0]
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X-Port-2™ the Future June 26, 2007

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the release of the X-Port-2™ converter. Units are now being shipped from Reliable Controls® Headquarters in Victoria, BC, Canada. The new version supports BACnet® protocol, connection and MSet configuration for all controller types, and is firmware upgradeable for future extensions. Release versions of the Catalog Sheet are now on the web for download.

The Reliable Controls® X-Port-2™ converter is a convenient BACnet® communication device which provides an extra EIA-232 port to any MACH-Series controller. The X-Port-2™ converter connects to the SMART-Net™ network and transfers information between the Reliable Controls® MACH-System™ and any Reliable Controls® software without compromising any existing SMART-Sensors™ on the network. Power is derived from the controller’s SMART-Net port. Visual indication of operation is provided by status LEDs.
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Next Generation the MACH-ProCom™ June 13, 2007

After 3 years of development, and many hours of rigorous testing, Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the official release of the MACH-ProCom™ BACnet® Building Controller. Units officially began shipping on Wednesday, June 13, 2007.

The MACH-ProCom™ is a sleek and powerful 32-bit based BACnet® device that delivers unprecedented value in a high performance building controller. The MACH-ProCom™ provides high speed 10/100 Ethernet, SMART-Net communications, expandable I/O, and protocol support for BACnet®, RCP, SMTP, and Modbus RTU and TCP (both master and slave). The MACH-ProCom™ controller database allows users to define up to 160 universal I/O on a single address.

The MACH-ProCom™ building controller is the first in a series of devices to be developed in the MACH-Pro line of BACnet® Controllers from Reliable Controls®. In the coming months, look for the release of the MACH-ProSys™ controller and MACH-ProPoint™ I/O expansion module. The MACH-Pro™ Series and the entire MACH-System™ is available for purchase through Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealers. Please visit to locate a dealer near you.

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Rev G MACH1™ and MACH2™ Controllers August 23, 2006

The MACH1™ and MACH2™ building controllers are now available in an enhanced format from Reliable Controls®. The new models feature a stronger, faster microprocessor and larger memory to allow for BACnet® functionality such as Alarming, Schedules, Calendars, Trending, as well as, support for new Control-BASIC functions. As released, the enhanced MACH1™ and MACH2™ controllers exceed the BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC) specification.

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New RC-Studio 2.0 Release July 24, 2006

RC-Studio® 2.0 is the all-in-one BACnet® operator’s workstation software used to program and interface to any Reliable Controls products and 3rd party BACnet devices. Using RC-Studio 2.0, building operators can simultaneously open windows from multiple BACnet controllers and change setpoints and schedules, override points, view trend and runtime information, and manage alarms and network backups. Programmers have the freedom to drag and drop BACnet points to graphical displays and can read/write any BACnet point using the Control-BASIC editor.

Update 1.06 of RC-Studio 2.0 has recently been released and offers a myriad of new features and functionality added to what is already considered by many in the building automation industry to be the pinnacle of DDC software.
RC-Studio 2.0 BACnet Operator's Workstation Software

Upgrade to 1.06 – NOW! FREE of charge.

Login to the Customers Support Centre
to access your FREE upgrade to RC-Studio 2.0

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Web Server Software for Building Automation Systems February 28, 2006

Instead of accepting the boundaries of client-side software, RC-WebView® 2.0 offers building operators thin-client freedom.

RC-WebView 2.0 - Web Server Software

Easy to configure and limited only by the host-server capacity, RC-WebView® provides secure access to building systems via IE 6.0. Operators can view or override points, adjust weekly and annual schedules, view/graph/print logs, and view/print current alarms. Administrators can easily track every user change.

RC-WebView® 2.0 - Better by Design™

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New Offerings meet the MACH-Stat™ October 14, 2005

MACH-Stat Space Controller The revamped MACH-Vision™ has been renamed to the MACH-Stat™. The I/O configuration for the MACH-Stat™ features up to 10 inputs and 8 outputs (each output being a socket to which a relay module or universal output module can be inserted).

The look and feel for the MACH-Stat™ combines the executive-styled good looks of the SSL with the high-performance and durability that were the trademark of the MACH-Vision™. The new MACH-Stat™ is easy to mount and complements any decor.

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MACH-Vision™ New Enclosure, New Feature Set July 28, 2005

The new MACH-Vision™ enclosure is ready for release. In related developments, the I/O capability of the MACH-Vision™ will be expanded to feature 6 input and 6 output models. And to top that off, a non-LCD MACH-Vision™ complete with a setpoint adjust slider will also be released.

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Reliable Controls® Releases the SPACE-Sensor™ Temperature May 25, 2005

SPACE-Sensor Temperature I/O Device The SPACE-Sensor™ Temperature (SST) line of products has been recently released. The SSTs are attractive, executive-style sensors designed to complement SMART-Sensor™ LCD installations. Current research is examining the possibility of adding sensors for Humidity, Occupancy, and CO2 for release later this year.

For more information on the SPACE-Sensor™ Temperature (SST) and the complete SMART-Sensor™ LCD (SSL) line, please see the interfaces section of our website.

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MACH-Air™ Keeps On Going And Going... February 24, 2005

MACH-Air with New Halomo Motor A new MACH-Air™ controller is now shipping from Reliable Controls®. The new MACH-Air™ utilizes an enhanced brushless Halomo motor technology that is superior to brush technology, allowing for longer-lasting life. The Halomo motor inherently provides precision revolution counting for motor positioning with a resolution of 1/84 of one degree. In addition to the Halomo technology, the new MACH-Air™ has an enhanced sample program for smoother VAV control and a jumper selection switch to configure triac outputs to be two position or tri-state. The MACH-Air™ ships standard with BTL, and UL certifications and an industry recognized 5-year warranty. Another simple, flexible and economical solution from Reliable Controls®.

Click here for more information about the new MACH-Air™ or email

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Reliable Controls® Releases RC-Studio® 2.0 December 1, 2004

Reliable Controls® is proud to announce the release of RC-Studio® 2.0 - the ultimate BACnet® operator workstation software for the Reliable Controls® MACH-System™. Featuring a new BACnet® discovery browser, automated network save and a broad range of Flash animated graphics. RC-Studio® 2.0 allows building owners and managers the freedom to not only think outside of the box, but to fully control the box.

RC-Studio 2.0 BACnet Operator's Workstation SoftwareBACnet® operator workstation software

Multi-vendor BACnet® object integration

Global alarm monitoring of multiple facilities

Backward compatibility with legacy installations

Animated "Flash" graphic support

Drag and drop programmability

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SMART-Sensor™ LCD September 7, 2004

The SMART-Sensor™ LCD is ideally suited for commercial and institutional properties. This multipurpose device features onboard temperature sensing and optional inputs/outputs. The SMART-Sensor™ LCD allows building management personnel to view and edit up to ten points. BACnet® objects connected to the Reliable Controls® MACH-System™ can be accessed directly from the LCD screen. The SMART-Sensor™ LCD: Another innovative and economical product from Reliable Controls®.

SMART-Sensor LCD Interface to the Reliable Controls MACH-System

Large, easy-to-read LCD display®

Powerful, fully programmable interface

Easy three button user interface to display any system point

Display or change BACnet® objects from any Reliable Controls® device

Networkable with existing SMART-Net™ products

AHR Expo Innovation Award 2005 Honorable MentionOn board PC port for network access

Built-in configuration tool

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Graphic Developer's Library March 15, 2004

GrafxSet - Graphic Developer's Library The Graphic Developer's Library software features drag and drop components designed to rapidly develop a System Group graphic that accurately depicts the mechanical system being represented. Numerous features are included in the libraries.
  • Create custom user interface in record time.
  • View smaller text clearly while maintaining the
    look and feel of graphics.
  • Export as scalable vector graphics or pixel based
  • Produce numerous variations of a design automatically.
The libraries are available for Macromedia Freehand versions
9 and 10 and Adobe Illustrator versions 10 and CS. With the Graphic Developer's Library things don't have to be so complicated.

For more information please see on the Graphic Developer's Library visit the Reliable Controls Software Page.

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The MACH-Vision™ User Interface Controller January 29, 2004

Reliable Controls celebrated the official release of the MACH-Vision User Interface Controller on January 19, 2004. With completion of the first production run, the MACH-Visions were shipped to the Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer network. The employees of Reliable Controls enjoyed a decadent MACH-Vision black forest cake to mark the event.

Reliable Controls Product Release Party

The MACH-Vision User Interface Controller is a high-performance, fully programmable BACnet® controller designed to meet the needs of unitary equipment and zone control. It is ideally suited for single and multiple zone applications where information must be easily viewed and changed. Three different models have a selection of output types and universal inputs. The MACH-Vision has flash memory (EEPROM), SMART-Sensor support and real time clock (optional). The MACH-Vision can be networked on the main network or subnetwork, rendering easy communication with the full line of Reliable Controls products.

The MACH-Vision User Interface Controller is the ultimate intelligent, networkable, commercial and fully programmable thermostat-like device on the market today. For more information on this product please see the Reliable Controls MACH-System controllers.

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Product Release: Lighting Interface Module January 12, 2004

Lighting Interface ModuleThe Reliable Controls® Lighting Interface Modules provide the ability to switch Douglas 'HID' or General Electric 'RR' series relays directly from Reliable Controls® MACH-System universal outputs. Each module supports two inputs and outputs. Separate modules are available for Douglas and GE systems.

The module takes a digital 12 V signal and provides a 24 VAC pulse to the latching relay of the system (both on and off). Power for the Lighting Interface Modules is supplied by the MACH-System output; no external power supply is required. The Douglas Lighting Interface provides relay position feedback. Both modules are conveniently mounted in standard 3.25" snap track to provide a low-cost lighting integration solution.

To find a dealer in your area please see the Sales Locator.

For more information on the Lighting Interface Module please see the Products Page.

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