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Since 1986 Reliable Controls has developed a global network of factory-certified independent controls contractors. When customers see the Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer logo, they can be assured of long-term performance and complete satisfaction.

The Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer network is a group of independent controls contractors who are committed to selling, programming, and servicing Reliable Controls products around the world.

Discover the framework, criteria, and benefits of the Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer program. Learn about how we help our Authorized Dealers achieve sustainable success in the dynamic world of building automation.

Scott Donalson
Specialized Control Solutions Australia
Compliments to the Reliable Controls Technical Support team. We had an issue yesterday, and Michael Harding got the software guys onto it. We were hooked up online this morning and got it resolved. Hats off and thanks.
Trevor Lucey
LCS Control Systems Ltd.
We find the Reliable products a pleasure to install and work with and far superior to any other products we have come across. Also, we find the Reliable website particularly useful, for technical backup, software updates and of course the excellent online ordering.
Jinesh Patel
Building Automation Specialist
DCL Engineering
It's been an year working with Reliable Controls products and I must admit that the MACH-System is the most user friendly system in the world of automation. Kudos to Reliable Controls.
John Pluff
Vice President
Enviromatic Systems USA
Reliable Controls equips us to implement dependable and expansive BACnet energy management systems to all our enterprise-level multisite customers with the benefit of backward compatibility. Nobody makes controller hardware and software as well as Reliable Controls.
B. K. Lee
Senior Manager
Shinmacon Engineering Sdn Bhd
We thank Reliable Controls for providing great commercial, technical, and training support and product reliability. We truly believe Reliable Controls are ‘people and technology you can rely on.’ We aim to follow this mission when we serve our customers, as well.
Jason Lee Lemon
Unify Energy Solutions LLC
I have to say that the Reliable Controls online training has been great!! I’ve worked for two other building automation system products over the past seventeen years and wish I would have had this form of well thought out online training available to me.
Adsinar Cajar Bocek
General Manager
Anytime we come up with an idea, Reliable Controls really listens to us and tries to do something with our idea. That's very unique! Combine that with their truthfulness and frankness, and it's really a great thing.
Adsinar Cajar Bocek
General Manager
Reliable Controls has helped us in many ways, within our organization and the market. They are always there for us anything we ask them for something, even at short notice.
Muhamed Cengic
Environmental Automation Pty Ltd. - NSW
Your technical support is what differentiates Reliable Controls from every other building automation and security system supplier in the world and why we are proud to be an Authorized Dealer.
Todd McBride
IES Group Ltd.
The technical support is awesome. They answer calls quickly and efficiently. [As a dealer] you want to be able to reach out anytime, or lean on them, which I do a lot.

Learning center


Reliable Controls is committed to having the most satisfied customers in the building automation industry. Every Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer must commit to factory training to maintain their technical certification. We regularly offer instructor-led training, and our eLearning courses are available to Authorized Dealer and registered operators at any time.

The mandate of the Training department is to cultivate a culture of continuous learning for Reliable Controls customers. As Reliable Controls releases new products and services, the Training department develops new curricula and content to help Authorized Dealers learn how to take advantage of these new innovations. The Technician curriculum offers four levels of certification. Level three is compulsory for each Authorized Dealer. A dedicated curriculum for sales teaches dealers how to sustainably grow thier controls business.

Instructor-led, real-time courses with online eLearning modules and videos help Authorized Dealer succeed!

Application Engineering

Our Application Engineering team helps dealers understand how to apply our products to create sustainable solutions for project opportunities. We help dealers build confidence to interpret specifications, select components, write program sequences, and resolve any third-party integration challenges. In short, we are here to help our Authorized Dealers cultivate effective application engineers and application engineering processes for their business.

Technical Support

Many of our Authorized Dealers believe Reliable Controls has the best technical support in the industry. We provide tiered technical support with direct tie-ins to our product developers. Our online Dealer Support Center is filled with technical documentation, marketing assets, software and firmware updates, templates, and tools. Our eBusiness service lets dealers conveniently place and track all orders with a one-stop shopping experience. Our eForum service lets dealers interact with other Authorized Dealers on any technical subject. Our eProject service provides a convenient and efficient alternative to project estimating tools, and our eRequest feature request service lets dealers submit and vote on our next development priority.

Contact a Regional Sales Manager today to discuss opportunities on becoming an Authorized Dealer of Reliable Controls.