Roland Laird, President & QA Manager
Roland Laird, President & QA Manager
Roland is the President of Reliable Controls, which he founded in 1986. Roland has been heavily involved in product development and corporate management throughout its history; his current focus is managing Quality Assurance in R&D.
Tom Zaban, EVP Sales & Marketing
Tom Zaban, EVP Sales & Marketing
With a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, and a family background in electronics manufacturing in Toronto, Ontario, Tom has been overseeing the sales and marketing efforts for Reliable Controls since 1996.
James Puritch, VP Research & Development
James Puritch, VP Research & Development
James is an Electrical Engineer from UVic, responsible for Reliable Controls hardware design, development, and project management. James also manages technical support and service repair and has been with the company since 2000.
Vince Palmer, VP Operations
Vince Palmer, VP Operations
Vince has the pleasure of leading a team of great people that plan inventories, conduct purchasing, inventory control, kitting and production, testing, and running the order-desk. Vince also oversees Human Resources and the IT team to ensure efficient and secure communication and operation.
Juliana Yu, VP Finance & Administration
Juliana Yu, VP Finance & Administration
Juliana is responsible for managing financial and administrative functions. She embraces the company‘s philosophy to deliver the best products and services to our dealers. Juliana has been involved in international sales, primarily in the Asia Pacific region.
Rick Rosine, VP Sales & Marketing
Rick Rosine, VP Sales & Marketing
Rick has been involved in all aspects of the HVAC and temperature controls markets since 1978. His experience includes service and installation of pneumatic, electro mechanical, and DDC control systems. Rick joined Reliable Controls in January of 2007.


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