What does native BACnet mean?

Native BACnet means that the BACnet operating stack is embedded directly in the device. Every Reliable Controls BACnet Controller has the BACnet stack at the board level.

Every Reliable Controls device is peer-to-peer. There are no additional management devices required for communications with other vendor's products.

Future Proofing

Your building automation system will begin paying dividends immediately through energy savings, and improved comfort. Future-proof your facility by insisting on native BACnet Controller products.

BACnet will not become obsolete. It is an open standard protocol (ASHRAE Standard 135) that can easily be extended with new features to meet the rapidly changing demands of the Building Automation industry.

This is accomplished without introducing any incompatibility with existing BACnet networks and products. Eliminate obsolescence and save money.

System Capabilities

The Reliable Controls system enables you to:

  • Build 'native' BACnet systems exclusively with Reliable Controls BACnet Controller products.

  • Use the BACnet protocol to interface with Original Equipment Manufacturers products.

  • Add to another vendor's native BACnet system using Reliable Controls products.

  • Mix legacy Reliable Controls products and BACnet protocol networks into one system.

  • Connect all earlier versions of controllers to native BACnet networking.

  • Configure a BACnet controller for either BACnet or Reliable Controls protocol while in the field.

  • Operate a Reliable Controls 'native' BACnet system with another vendor's BACnet software. Compatibility with existing BACnet networks and products. Eliminate obsolescence and save money.

Reliable Controls MULTI-VENDOR BACnet Installations

All Reliable Controls System sites are 'native' BACnet. The table below highlights some multi-vendor building automation system installations.

The Eye Center
Columbus, OH, USA
ReliableDistributedBACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP BackboneMACH-Global, ETHER-Link Portal
Metropolis at Metrotown
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Reliable & McQuayDistributedB/IP, MS/TP, and EthernetMACH-Global, ETHER-Link, McQuay Chillers & RTUs
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Washington, DC, USA
Reliable & Iconics, StaefaDistributedWireless, MS/TP, B/IP, and EthernetMACH-Global, Iconics HVAC / Lighting & Staefa
US Department of Transportation
Washington, DC, USA
Reliable & Trane BCUDistributedB/IP, MS/TP, and EthernetETHER-Link, TRANE BCU
Ping An Insurance
Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
Reliable & Trane BCU, DaikinDistributedB/IP, MS/TP, and EthernetMACH-Global, TRANE BCU, & DAIKIN Gateways
Long Zhu Hospital
Shenzhen, China
Reliable & CimetricsDistributedB/IP, MS/TP, and EthernetMACH-Global, Cimetrics BACnet / OPC
River Rock Casino Resort
Richmond, BC Canada
Reliable & Trane BCUDistributedB/IP, MS/TP, and EthernetMACH-Global
Montgomery College
Campus, MD USA
Reliable & Alerton, ALC, Delta DistributedB/IP, MS/TP, and EthernetETHER-Link, BTI B-ASC from all vendors B-OWS from all vendor
Architect of the Capital
Washington, DC USA
Reliable & Alerton, ALC, Delta ChillerB/IP, Ethernet & MS/TPETHER-Link, BTI B-ASC from all vendors B-OWS from all vendors
Jean Talon Building
Ottawa, ON Canada
Reliable & DeltaDistributedEthernet & MS/TPETHER-Link & ORCA
Research In Motion (RIM)
Waterloo, ON Canada
Reliable & DeltaChillerEthernet & MS/TPMODBUS-Link & Delta BAS
Colorado Square
Colorado Springs, CO USA
Reliable & ALCDistributedB/IP & MS/TPMACH-Global, MACH-Zone, WebCTRL, LGE
AmeriCredit Headquarters
Forth Worth, TX USA
Reliable & CarrierChillerEthernetETHER-Link & BAClink
Telus Building
Rimouski, QC Canada
Reliable & TraneDistributedEthernet & MS/TPETHER-Link & Trane VAV
Ecole Notre Dame
St. Nagaire, QC Canada
Reliable & DeltaDistributedEthernet & MS/TPETHER-Link & ORCA
Paducah Community College
Paducah, KY USA
Reliable & AlertonDistributedEthernetETHER-Link & LSI, BACtalk
Workers Compensation Board
Richmond, BC Canada
Reliable & CarrierChillerEthernetETHER-Link & BAClink
West End Community Centre
Guelph, ON Canada
Reliable & DouglasLightingPTPETHER-Link & BAClight
Telus - Chomedey
Laval, QC Canada
Reliable & LiebertComputer RoomPTPMACH-Net & Sitelink
Telus - Viger
Montreal, QC Canada
Reliable & LiebertComputer RoomPTPMACH-Net & Sitelink
Edmonton, AB Canada
Reliable & TraneChillerPTPMACH-Net & Summit BCU

BACnet Links

BACnet International
BACnet International is an organization that encourages the successful use of BACnet in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs, and promotional activities. For more information on the organization or to become a member.
BACnet Testing Laboratories
BACnet Testing Labs BTL Certified Mark
BACnet Testing Laboratories was established by BACnet International to support compliance testing and interoperability testing activities and consists of BTL Manager and the BTL-WG. Global Testing for the Global BAS Standard.
BACnet Interest Group Europe e.V. (BIG-EU)
BACnet Interest Group Europe e.V. (BIG-EU) is an organization whose goal and objective are to lower building costs and greater energy efficiency. It is because systems that communicate with each other in a single language are far superior to isolated solutions, that we demand the prevalence of the BACnet standard in Europe. For more information on the organization.
BACnet - ASHRAE Standard 135
BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. Developed under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), BACnet is an American national standard, a European standard, and an ISO global standard.