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MACH-Zone Unitary Controller MACH-Zone Unitary Controller
Small, durable and packed with flexibility, the Reliable Controls® MACH-Zone™ is a fully programmable BACnet® Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) ideal for small roof-top and heatpump applications.
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  • BACnet®
    - MS/TP (EIA-485)
  • Reliable Controls® Protocol
    - Network (EIA-485/Token Bus)

4 Control-BASIC™ Programs
  • User programmable control strategy in a readable, BASIC-like language
  • 2000 bytes per program

4 Inputs
  • Universal ranges
  • Jumper selectable 0-5 VDC, 4-20 mA, thermistor / dry contact

4 Outputs
  • Universal ranges (base model)
  • Scalable 0-12 VDC, 75 mA max.
  • Single stage TRIAC
  • Dual stage TRIAC

48 Variables
  • Selectable standard and custom ranges, as well as fixed or program-driven values
4 PID Loops
  • Standard P, PI, or PID controllers for closed loop control

2 Trend Logs
  • Each Trend Log stores 72 samples of 6 points at programmable time intervals

4 Runtime Logs
  • Totals the On time and records the On/Off times of a digital point
  • Holds 48 samples

2 System Groups
  • Allows related points to be grouped onto display
  • 50 points per group

1 Weekly Schedules
  • 4 On/Off times for each weekday and 2 override days

1 Annual Schedule
  • Days of the year designated as holidays
5 Custom Tables
  • For creating custom input ranges and Control-BASIC™ lookup tables

SMART-Net™ Port
  • Networks up to 4 SMART-Sensors™

32 Network In Points

32 Network Out Points

  • 5 years


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