Input devices typically rely on sensor technology that measures temperature, pressure, humidity, light and electrical current. Output devices often use relay and actuator technology that controls motors, lights, air dampers and water valves. Review the selected I/O devices below and the Humidity Sensors.

Aesthetically designed to complement any decor, the Reliable Controls SPACE-Sensor Temperature (SST) series provides a traditional temperature sensor solution and a wide array of options to help you achieve comfort.
The Reliable Controls® Lighting Interface Modules provide the ability to switch Panasonic/Douglas WR6161 or GE RR7 series relays directly from Reliable Controls MACH-System universal outputs. Each module supports two inputs and two outputs.
Monitor flow in a Variable Air Volume (VAV) or constant volume air terminal precisely and easily with the Reliable Controls Flow Sensor (FS)
Double-up on the output capacity of your universal outputs using the Reliable Controls TRIAC modules. These low cost and convenient to install modules convert a single universal output into two TRIAC outputs.
Reliable Controls offers an entire range of mechanical relays that have been tested and approved for use with our controller outputs.