Press Release   March 24, 2015

BACnet Interest Group Europe welcomes Reliable Controls® as a new member

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce its membership in the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU).

The BIG-EU is the European trade association for the application of the global BACnet standard ISO 16484-5. BACnet is the only vendor-independent communication protocol that is specifically designed for building automation.

This new membership was announced by the BIG-EU in March 2015, welcoming Reliable Controls and proclaiming the company’s way to global interoperability.

Objectives of the BIG-EU include:

  • Promoting the spread of best practice solutions
  • Coordinating the European BACnet activities and globally representing the interest of European members
  • Ensuring interoperability of different building automation components
  • Certifying conformance according to the BACnet standard ISO 16484-5
  • Contributing to guidelines, and providing unbiased marketing
  • Training, focusing on fundamentals and methodology of planning, implementation, and operation
  • Enabling open data exchange

The group demands prevalence of the BACnet standard in Europe because systems that communicate with each other in a single language are far superior to isolated solutions. The BIG-EU represents European interests in the development of the norm and coordinates the European BACnet activities. Reliable Controls launched a European Authorized Dealer Network in March 2014.

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