Press Release   December 22, 2016

Reliable Controls® Releases RC-Studio® 3

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls Corporation is pleased to announce the release of RC-Studio® 3. Recognized as the ultimate all-in-one advanced workstation, RC-Studio provides building operators with unprecedented BACnet programming functionality and ease of use. 

A totally redesigned, modern user interface shows that RC-Studio has at long last joined the growing suite of version 3 products offered by Reliable Controls. The software responds well to the touch and gestures of mobile devices, and finally supports fluid copying and pasting between worksheets and 3rd party applications. Operators will appreciate the ability to save and load multiple System Lists, choose connection preferences, and customize the System Tree to optimize the discovery of BACnet devices. A new animation interface allows HTML images from RC-GrafxSet® to be used in RC-Studio’s System Groups, which resolves the format wars brought on by iOS devices. A generous initial offering of new HTML Multipoint Animations within RC-GrafxSet significantly improves the creation and modification of dashboards within RC-Studio. The offering includes single-series and multi-series bar, stacked-bar, column, stacked-column, line, area, and combination charts, along with pie and doughnut charts, all in 2D and 3D formats. Specialty HTML animations for creating tables, linking and annotating Google-like maps, and integrating the analysis Components from RC-Reporter make this all-in-one software hard to beat! A new Replace Color feature in conjunction with an enhanced color picker makes System Group flood-fill colorization very easy within RC-Studio. Rounding out the long list of interface improvements are a new Watch service for dynamically tracking object values in RC-Studio’s Program Editor, and a new Syntax Highlighting feature for assigning different colors to comments, strings, functions, and statements within a Program. 

Beyond interface improvements, the new and improved RC-Studio 3 bolts on a number of powerful, engineering tools, designed specifically to address operational efficiencies, particularly if you manage a portfolio of BACnet buildings. A new Points Report worksheet allows you to quickly compile a list of filtered objects from anywhere in the system, and save the list as a named report. The Points Report can be recalled at any time for quick reference, and you can easily change the value and state of objects individually or as a batch action. A new Send Multiple feature allows you to send System Group and Program changes to multiple BACnet devices at the same time, instead of making the same change over and over again. Along the same vein, but thinking DNA instead of corpuscle, a new Templates feature lets you tag BACnet devices to automatically inherit a common database structure for Worksheets, Programs, and System Groups. Each Template can effectively clone any number of BACnet devices for the same application. 

Lastly, RC-Studio 3 includes the official release of the programming tools required to fully configure the new MACH-ProView LCD building controller. This controller was released in November 2016. 

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