Press Release   August 25, 2017

Reliable Controls® Releases eProject for Authorized Dealers

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of eProject. eProject is a comprehensive tool to create project estimates, privately and confidentially, designed for use by Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers. This web-based system is designed to complement and simplify the process of estimating and provisioning a Reliable Controls MACH-System.

eProject is the first online estimating and order management service specifically designed to complement the experience and methods of Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers for MACH-System design and deployment. Seamlessly integrated with the eBusiness online ordering system, eProject provides the entire product catalog of Reliable Controls and peripheral partners to Authorized Dealers with real-time, dealer-specific pricing. eProject empowers estimators to be more efficient through intuitive automation and a custom-built library of projects, equipment, and devices.

Once a project is underway, eProject makes ordering and order management easier by allowing products to be ordered from the original estimate as individual components, pieces of equipment, subsets of the project, or as an entire project. eProject automatically tracks what has been ordered and when, helping to ensure that everything is ordered on time and without duplication.

eProject provides MACH-System estimating and order management that is easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

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