Press Release   May 30, 2018

Reliable Controls® Releases MACH-ProView™

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of the MACH-ProView controller. 

MACH-ProView is a freely programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) that is perfect for those using a mobile device to access, control, and monitor the comfort and energy performance of their space.

The MACH-ProView resides on a variety of networks, including Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi, and EIA-485, and supports BACnet and Modbus protocols.

MACH-ProView features:

  • Access, control, and monitor a space using a mobile device.
  • Can be ordered with the following options: CO2, H (Humidity), OC (Occupancy), and the option of a white enclosure.
  • Wi-Fi MPV models support a new Direct Wi-Fi Feature, which allows for connection and initial configuration with no wireless access point necessary.
  • Contains an integrated web configuration page that can be accessed from a web browser.
  • Has several mounting options, dual-gang, 4”X4”, 4 11/16”, and directly to any surface.
  • Offers six outputs, four outputs can be configured to be analog 12 VDC at 75 mA. All six outputs can be configured as solid state relays that switch 24 VAC/DC 0.5A.
  • Router models provide a physical RS-485 network (AUX-Net) that can be configured as IO-Net, Modbus RTU, or MS/TP.

The MACH-ProView Configuration Page is a new browser-based configuration interface available on both MACH-ProView and MACHProView LCD models. Entering the controller’s IP address into a browser allows users to view and modify the device’s basic configuration. Settings include IP configuration, BACnet and BACnet/IP configuration, and Wi-Fi network selection. Upgrading to firmware version 8.24 or later using RC-Toolkit 3 enables this functionality on existing IP-capable MACH-ProView LCD controllers as well.

The MACH-ProView controller fully integrates with all BACnet products and fits virtually any décor. 

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