Press Release   May 30, 2018

Reliable Controls® Releases RC-Toolkit® 3

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-Toolkit 3, which introduces a number of new features in order to save time and improve productivity.

Capabilities included with this release:

  • New Access menu containing services such as Panel File Utility, Modbus Profile Creator, Connect/Disconnect, and Exit.
  • New Options menu for BACnet® and Communication Preferences.
  • New System Tree allowing the discovery of networks and controllers in a system.
  • New persistent Tool Selector that allows tool switching without disconnecting.
  • New OpenADR Setup tool allows configuring your MACH-System for Automated Demand Response.
  • New Addition of Bugsplat crash reporting service improves the software quality.
  • New improvements to performance, the user interface, and licensing options.

This major upgrade is essential to help technicians integrate, expand, and commission the Reliable Controls MACH-System®.

RC-Toolkit 3 improves the experience for dealers and end users. The new GUI is consistent with other version 3 software previously released by Reliable Controls, which improves intuitiveness and provides a more efficient navigation experience.

This release also includes Modbus setup improvements, allowing for configuration of new override properties for slave devices, displays of new diagnostic properties, and a new Modbus Parameter test feature.

Learn more about RC-Toolkit:

Download a PDF version of this release.