Press Release   October 10, 2018

Reliable Controls® Releases RC-Reporter® 3.6

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-Reporter® 3.6. This fully customizable, server-based application allows you to analyze the trend and runtime data from any BACnet®, Internet-connected building, and generate professional performance reports, quickly and accurately.

This release of RC-Reporter introduces new features, which help deliver actionable insights to improve your operational efficiency. New capabilities include:

Data Sets

  • A Data Set is a collection of points that share a similar purpose or characteristic, such as room temperature, setpoint, and occupancy.
  • Once created, the Data Sets can be used in queries to quickly analyze performance for groups of spaces, groups of equipment, and groups of buildings.
  • You can use Data Sets in the Contribution, Date Range, Profile, or Ranking components.

Identifier Selector

  • An Identifier Selector drop-down tool automatically appears at the top of any report using a Data Set. The Identifier Selector allows you to conveniently specify a Data Set point to be used in all of the applicable components in a report. This allows you to run a common analysis over multiple spaces without rebuilding your queries.

Ranking Component

  • The Ranking component is a new and powerful tool that helps you analyze the highest and lowest values within a Data Set, such as the top ten rooms with the greatest demand for electricity.

New Sample Report

  • A new sample report has been added to illustrate the use of Data Sets and the Ranking component showing an analysis of the temperature deviation for several rooms. 

RC-Reporter extracts intelligence from your archived building data and helps you pinpoint and rank energy-wise and comfort-balancing opportunities to support your continuous optimization strategy.

Learn more about RC-Reporter:

Download a PDF version of this release.