Press Release   January 23, 2020

Reliable Controls® releases EQUIPMENTview support for the MACH-ProView™ LCD

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of EQUIPMENTview support for its highly successful line of MACH-ProView LCD BACnet building controllers.

The new EQUIPMENTview feature further complements the many interactive aspects of the MACH-ProView LCD controller by providing you with the ability to display virtually any graphical user interface you can imagine.

EQUIPMENTview provides the following functionality:

  • Displays any background BMP, JPG, or PNG image on its full color, 480 x 272 pixel, wide quarter VGA (WQVGA) projective capacitive touch (PCAP) screen.
  • Integrates over 700 2D and 3D animation assets from Reliable Controls’ RC-GrafxSet graphical images and services software, including assets to communicate the status and performance of:
  • HVAC equipment.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • Security equipment.
  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Appliances.
  • Hospitality services.
  • Safety services.
  • Energy dashboards.
  • Comfort dashboards.
  • Occupancy dashboards.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Floorplans.    
  • Displays numerous properties and attributes of local and third-party BACnet objects.
  • Supports editing object values and setting priorities to auto, manual, and timed override.
  • Supports navigation links to local views, schedules, trend logs, and runtime logs.

Backed by an industry-recognized 5-year hardware warranty and a worldwide network of factory-certified Authorized Dealers, the Reliable Controls MACH-ProView LCD with EQUIPMENTview provides yet another way to empower you to easily and effectively optimize the energy, comfort, and safety of your built environment.

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