Press Release   February 26, 2020

Reliable Controls® releases the SETUP-Tool™

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the official release of the SETUP-Tool.

The easy-to-use, handheld SETUP-Tool allows you to quickly calibrate airflow measurements on a MACH-ProAir™ or MACH-Air™ controller through the host controller’s SMART-Net port.

SETUP-Tool applications:

  • The default configuration is a Flow tool that allows you to perform airflow calibration on MACH-ProAir and MACH-Air controllers.
  • You can also configure the SETUP-Tool as an MSet tool and set controller MS/TP communication parameters.

The Reliable Controls SETUP-Tool is self-powered from the connected controller and allows users to configure devices without a PC connection.

Backed by an industry-recognized 5-year warranty and a worldwide network of certified Authorized Dealers, the SETUP-Tool is ideal for in-field controller configuration.

Learn more about the SETUP-Tool:

Download a PDF version of this release.