New Product Release   March 27, 2020

Reliable Controls® releases SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean and SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the official release of new SPACE-Sensor EnOcean and SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint wireless devices.

The SPACE-Sensor EnOcean delivers a wireless temperature sensor solution made easy with the energy harvesting technology of EnOcean.

The SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint opens the door for integration of a wide variety of EnOcean wireless sensors and output devices with the Reliable Controls system.

SPACE-Sensor EnOcean features include:

  • Generates enough power through the large photovoltaic cell to adequately charge the device under most lighting conditions.
  • Able to sustain up to 7 days of normal transmissions in complete darkness.
  • Available with 868 MHz ASK or 902 MHz FSK radio.
  • Hardware programmable.

SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint features include:

  • Allows the SMART-Net to integrate up to 18 wireless parameters from EnOcean devices.
  • Communicates through the SMART-Net port on Reliable Controls devices and does not require separate power.
  • Compatible with EnOcean Equipment Profiles 4BS, 1BS, and RPS.
  • Available with 868 MHz ASK or 902 MHz FSK radio.
  • Signal strength indicated in RC-Studio®.

EnOcean is the wireless standard for sustainable buildings. An optional tactile override button and slider are available for both devices.

Backed by an industry-recognized 5-year warranty and a worldwide network of certified Authorized Dealers, Reliable Controls EnOcean devices are ideal for wireless applications in the built environment.

Learn more about the SPACE-Sensor EnOcean:

Learn more about the SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint:

Download a PDF version of this release.