Press Release   July 16, 2020

Reliable Controls® releases RC-Studio® 3.7

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-Studio 3.7. RC-Studio provides a multivendor, multiprotocol integration solution for database, alarming, scheduling, trending, and sequence-of-operation programming. This easy-to-use, easy-to-learn BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS) allows you to develop a customized graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling any application at any scale. The real-time energy management and integrated fault detection and diagnostic capabilities in RC-Studio will empower you to improve your facility’s operational efficiency and occupant comfort while maintaining your sustainability goals.

RC-Studio 3.7 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • New BACnet File Synchronization service that provides operators with the most up-to-date databases, programs, and graphics for use in a Reliable Controls system with an RC-WebView® server or MACH-ProWeb™ controller.
  • New embedded BACnet traffic capture that negates the need for third-party software applications to troubleshoot network issues.
  • New ability to bulk edit net ins and outs, streamlining integration.
  • Support for the SMART-Net™ Relay device, the MACH-ProLight™ controller, EQUIPMENTview™, and FlexTiles™.
  • New System Group features that support increased engineering productivity:
     • Ability to align objects using the Snap feature.
     • Ability to use the STATIC-IMAGE keyword to add a linked image without affecting the maximum object count.
     • Option to choose a background image or specify a solid-color and size background.
     • Use of import and export animation attributes for quick configuration reuse.
     • Support for automatically replacing deprecated Flash animations.
     • New ability to configure Landing Pad styles, icons, and links for objects in an enhanced System Group.
     • Ability to set colors for high and low limits in Landing Pad backgrounds.

Managing your facility and its performance has never been easier. Download RC-Studio 3.7 today and take full control of your built environment. 

Learn more about RC-Studio:

Download a PDF version of this release.