Press Release   August 26, 2020

Reliable Controls® releases micro-USB connector option for SMART-Sensor™ and SPACE-Sensor™ Temperature devices

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce that SMART-Sensor and SPACE-Sensor Temperature devices can now be ordered with a micro-USB connector jack option.

The SMART-Sensor and SMART-Sensor EPD deliver a modern communicating sensor solution that allows you to connect with up to 10 configurable parameters related to your space. The SPACE-Sensor Temperature is a traditional temperature-sensor device with a wide range of options to help you achieve comfort in your buildings.

The micro-USB connector includes network terminations that allow you to locally access your host controller using an X-Port™-2 Converter with additional custom cables.

Backed by an industry-recognized 5-year warranty and a worldwide network of certified Authorized Dealers, Reliable Controls SMART-Sensor and SPACE-Sensor Temperature devices are ideal for a variety of applications in the built environment.

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SMART-Sensor and SPACE-Sensor Temperature devices with micro-USB connector and accessory cable