Press Release   September 23, 2020

Reliable Controls® releases the MACH-ProView™ LCD Operator Display

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of the MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display controller.
The MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display is a powerful and elegant BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) and BACnet Operator Display (B-OD) with a plenitude of attractive, high-resolution graphical interfaces that allow you to gather system insights using a variety of configurable views, such as EQUIPMENTview, SPACEview, LISTview, STATview, and more. The MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display is designed as a user interface without inputs or outputs, providing a cost-effective solution when you do not need direct control of equipment.

Multiple color themes allow the MACH-ProView Operator Display to fit virtually any decor. Base models reside on MS/TP, Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, or Wi-Fi networks. The MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display with Router supports connectivity to BACnet MS/TP devices, Modbus RTU devices, or any MACH-ProPoint expansion module.

Backed by an industry-recognized 5-year hardware warranty and a worldwide network of factory-certified Authorized Dealers, the Reliable Controls MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display provides yet another way to easily and effectively optimize the energy, comfort, and safety of your built environment.

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