Press Release   March 6, 2012

BACnet Appointments

Reliable Controls Corporation is pleased to announce the following new BACnet® appointments.

Reliable Controls President and Founder, Roland Laird, has accepted a nomination to the Board of Directors of BACnet® International for a three year term. BACnet® International (BI) is the organization committed to the promotion of the BACnet® Protocol and protection of the brand. The BACnet® Testing Labs is part of BI which ensures compliance to the standard. As one of seven directors, Roland will be responsible for guiding the organization's technical and marketing activities, policies, and finances.

At the end of the ASHRAE 2012 summer meeting, Reliable Controls® Firmware Manager, Michael Osborne, will assume the position of Secretary of the Standing Standard Project Committee (SSPC) 135 (BACnet). Michael was appointed for the secretary position by the Chair of the Committee and is expected to perform his BACnet® duties for four years, after which, he will be appointed to the position of Vice Chair of the Committee for an additional four years. After serving as Vice-Chair, Michael will assume the Chairman position for an additional four years, for a total of a 12-year commitment.