Press Release   January 20, 2020

Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer MP Service achieves the first LEED Platinum certification in El Salvador

Reliable Controls is thrilled to have worked with Authorized Dealer MP Service on a new office building that achieved the first LEED Platinum certification in El Salvador. The facility is the highest-rated LEED project in Central America to date.

MP Service is a mechanical engineering and controls contractor in San Salvador with a focus on heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. To demonstrate that sustainable buildings are possible in El Salvador, MP Service purchased a new office building and transformed it using an integrative design process. The company installed Reliable Controls hardware and software products that control its HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems to realize a 91-point LEED rating for Platinum certification.

The Reliable Controls system allows MP Service to easily manage the facility at peak efficiency while ensuring clean air and a comfortable experience for building occupants.

MP Service implemented the Arc platform and LEED Performance Path to collect, manage, and benchmark data during the steps to LEED certification. The new building achieves energy savings of approximately 50,000 kW/hr per year and earned an impressive 19 out of 20 points in the human experience Arc score, based on occupant satisfaction, interior CO2 levels, and interior volatile organic compound levels.

A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2002, MP Service is proud to promote the green building iniatives advocated by the U.S. Green Building Council. The new building not only reflects the values of Reliable Controls and MP Service; it also promotes the local green building industry and contributes to a more sustainable future in San Salvador.


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