Press Release   April 19, 2021

Reliable Controls® expands Singapore office

Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is excited to announce a new location for its Singapore office. This large new space is well equipped to support the Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer network with sales and service in Southeast Asia.

“Our growth is not by chance; it is the result of forces working together,” said Jacob Sng, regional sales manager for Southeast Asia. “The expansion of the Southeast Asia region and commissioning of the new Reliable Controls Singapore office are due to the efforts of the Authorized Dealer network and Reliable Controls coming together to promote our philosophy and value propositions in the marketplace.”

The new office is 1,852 square feet and includes a training room that accommodates 12 students per class, a demonstration room, a meeting room, and offices.

The space is controlled with a Reliable Controls system that includes RC-Reporter® software, a host of lighting peripherals and controls, two MACH-ProLight™ advanced lighting controllers in lighting control panels with relays and switches, and a powerful MACH-ProView™ LCD controller.

Occupants enter the office using an access control system provided by RC-Passport® software and
MACH-CheckPoint™ two-door controllers, connected to HID readers.

In addition to the high level of integration between HVAC, lighting, and security systems, building sustainability demands other technological and supporting elements that will endure over the long term. Adding certified open standards to ensure a strong level of interoperability and providing technologies that always remain backward compatible well into the future help make Reliable Controls a sustainable solution to new and retrofit projects.

The new Singapore office is designed to showcase the Reliable Controls Art of Building Sustainability—a road map to achieving sustainability in the built environment.

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