New Product Release   October 17, 2014

Reliable Controls® Releases RC-GrafxSet®

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-GrafxSet, graphical images and services software that allows users to quickly generate professional, 3D system graphics for RC-Studio and RC-WebView using an agile, online graphic developer subscription library.

RC-GrafxSet features hundreds of professionally drawn images, including 2D and 3D rendered objects and components in intuitive and easy-to-use libraries. Complete with numerous realistic and exciting animations, the library features a wide variety of equipment, frames, and icons that users can download to best illustrate custom installations. Features include:

Professional Libraries

  • Isometric Library: allows users to access thousands of images and hundreds of animations organized in a very efficient graphical user interface; images are rendered as isometric projections and organized in over 50 categories spanning a wide array of HVAC equipment, components, architecture, elements, furniture, instrumentation, and peripherals
  • Conical Library: allows users to access built-up equipment rendered in a conical projection, providing slightly enhanced and more realistic views of equipment
  • User Library: allows users to access works of art developed by other RC-GrafxSet users and evaluated by Reliable Controls
  • Updates Library: allows users to access the latest additions to the Isometric, Conical, and User libraries


  • Download Service: provides access to images within individual libraries, allowing users to view, drag, and drop directly from the library or download as one large zip file
  • Requests Service: allows users to submit image requests to developers and graphic artists via this online service
  • Service Support: provides technical documentation and other support files

myGrafxSet Portal

  • myGrafxSet Portal: allows users to log in to a secure portal to renew a subscription, view messages from the administrator, view a history of downloads from the account, and submit images to the administrator for inclusion in the User library; this portal remains accessible even after a subscription lapses

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Download a PDF version of this release.