Press Release   May 25, 2021

RC-WebView® 3.14 from Reliable Controls® revolutionizes how users display building data

Victoria, BC, Canada – RC-WebView 3.14, the easy-to-use browser-based building management solution from Reliable Controls, completely revolutionizes how Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers can choose to display data. This new version of the software means dealers are no longer dependent on System Group graphics in RC-Studio®; they can now display live data using Navigation Groups in RC-WebView, saving them valuable setup time and providing endless flexibility.  

This ability to display live data in RC-WebView Navigation Groups includes HTML5 animations from RC-GrafxSet®, the graphical assets software from Reliable Controls. For example, a dealer could add a Google Map with pins for multiple buildings in an enterprise to a Navigation Group or create interactive HVAC, lighting, and security graphics.

Previously, dealers used System Groups to display data for a single connected system; the new Navigation Group feature transcends multiple building automation systems, allowing dealers to quickly and securely access data for an entire enterprise.

“This release greatly empowers dealers to create enterprise-level dashboards using the new and improved Navigation Groups feature,” says Mark Hatherly, product owner at Reliable Controls. Mark is pleased to announce that RC-WebView 3.14 is newly recertified as a BACnet Operator Workstation at BACnet revision 16.

Also new is the Alarm History Cleanup feature, which empowers dealers to manually clean up old alarm notifications as needed or schedule recurring cleanups that keep their database at a manageable size. Without a mechanism to remove expired alarm notifications, database size could increase beyond the maximum 10 GB allowed with SQL Server Express, the default RC-WebView database.  

“Our team is responsive to dealers’ most requested features, and we strive to deliver flexible, dependable software that satisfies our dealer network and their customers,” says Hatherly.

In addition to the high level of integration between HVAC, security, and lighting systems, building sustainability demands the use of technology that supports scalable, secure data communications. RC-WebView from Reliable Controls provides a single sign-on architecture and a comprehensive approach to security—no matter how many different BACnet devices dealers deploy or buildings they control.

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