Press Release   July 15, 2022

RC-FLEXair® controller earns BACnet Building Controller BTL Listing

Victoria, BC, Canada—The RC-FLEXair® controller, the first in a brand-new generation of controllers from Reliable Controls, recently earned a BACnet Building Controller BTL Listing from the BACnet Testing Laboratories, which means it has been independently tested by a recognized BACnet testing organization to be in accordance with BTL requirements.

The RC-FLEXair, like many Reliable Controls devices, is now BTL certified to effectively share information and services with products from different vendors using BACnet. When users see the BTL mark on this and other Reliable Controls products, they can be confident these devices have been rigorously tested to meet a high level of quality and open-protocol performance.

“We believe BACnet puts power over facility decisions where it belongs—in the hands of the user,” said Reliable Controls executive vice president of sales Levi Tully. “BTL certification provides owners with the assurance they can get the most from their investment with a future-proof promise of extensibility.”

The RC-FLEXair is a freely programmable controller ideal for a wide range of variable air volume and room control applications. With a high-performance multicore processor, tons of nonvolatile memory, and dual Ethernet connectivity, the RC-FLEXair is a truly dynamic controller that will empower building owners with confidence for years to come.

“Since our first BACnet listing in 2003, Reliable Controls has continued its strong advocacy for the BACnet protocol and BTL,” says Reliable Controls president Tom Zaban. “It’s great to see the new RC-FLEXair earn a BACnet Building Controller listing, continuing our long-term commitment to ASHRAE and the art of building sustainability.”

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