Press Release   October 22, 2008

Reliable Controls® MACH-ProCom and MACH-ProSys are officially BTL Listed

The MACH-ProCom™ and MACH-ProSys™ controllers meet or exceed the BACnet® Testing Laboratories (BTL) requirements for the BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) designation. Our latest BTL listings join the previously inducted MACH1™, MACH2™, MACH-Stat™, MACH-Zone™, MACH-Air™, MACH-Global™, and ETHER-Link™. The MACH-ProCom™ and the MACH-ProSys™ controllers are now shipping with the BTL mark and are featured on the BTL Product Listings page of the BACnet® International site.

The BACnet® Testing Laboratories are a branch of BACnet® International which offers a product testing and listing program for products that have been submitted for BACnet® capability. The BTL's authorized laboratories test the BACnet® functionality of a product to a set of requirements developed by the BTL that are based on the ASHRAE Standard 135.1P. A product must meet the BTL's mandatory requirements to be eligible for BTL listing.

To review the official listings, please visit the Reliable Controls® BTL Listings page,