Press Release   May 15, 2008

UL916 Certification for the MACH-Pro™ Series

After passing a slew of rigid tests, the MACH-ProCom™ (MPC), MACH-ProSys™ (MPS and MPS-H), and the MACH-ProPoint™ (MPP and MPP-H) have successfully passed UL916 certification. According to the Underwriter's Laboratory (UL), UL916 is the UL standard for safety for energy management equipment. In addition to UL916 certification, Reliable Controls® products have been given cULus certification which includes US standards and the equivalent set of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Having achieved UL916 certification, Reliable Controls® will produce the MPC, MPS, MPS-H, MPP, and MPP-H models with the UL logo clearly marked. Next up for the MACH-Pro series of controllers will be BTL certification which is expected by the end of August.

The MACH-Pro series of controllers are not the first Reliable Controls® products to achieve UL916 certification. Other Reliable Controls® products that feature the UL916 logo are the MACH1™, MACH2™, MACH2X™, MACH-Air™, MACH-Air™ T, MACH-Zone™ Universal, MACH-Zone™ 3T, MACH-Zone™ 4T, MACH-Zone™ RT, MACH-Global™, MACH-Global™ Input Expansion, MACH-Global™ Output Expansion, and all models of the MACH-Stat™ series.

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