Press Release   May 23, 2007

New Website - Add Your Voice

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit our new website, take a few moments and give us a visit. Areas of interest will include the secure Customer Support section and our complete list of project profiles. To date, there are 24 profiles of high-caliber, unique projects from around the globe in a wide range of facilities, including Corporate, Healthcare, Museum, Education, Hospitality, Recreation, Transportation, Government, Industrial, and Retail. Feel free to browse our LEED and BACnet listings.

While visiting the Project Zone, why not add your voice to our growing list of achievements. If you have a facility that you'd like to share with us, click the Submit A Project link on the Project Overview page and tell us why your project inspires pride. Or, if you'd like to drop us a line about the positive affects of the Reliable Controls® MACH-System in your building, click the Submit Testimonial link on the Projects Testimonials page...we'd love to hear for you.

Visit the Project Zone to add your voice.