Press Release   November 25, 2005

Get the Lead Free Reliable Controls®

To extend our commitment to a clean and safe environment, both inside and outside of our facilities, Reliable Controls is aiming to have a lead-free production process by the end of 2006. To achieve this goal, we have purchased a reflow oven capable of handling the hotter temperatures required for lead-free soldering.

The installation of the new oven is scheduled for November and will also require power upgrades to our production facility. Because there are additional steps required to complete the transition to lead-free soldering, we will continue to run our current processes until the production environment is fully prepared to make the transition. In the meantime, we will be purchasing equipment, testing new methods with sample material, and working with our suppliers so we can effectively transition to lead-free soldering.

These changes will not affect the delivery or production of Reliable Controls products, but will help to promote an environmentally friendly atmosphere.