Press Release   September 22, 2003

MACH-Air™ & MACH-Zone™ Pass BTL

The BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) have officially recognized the MACH-Air™ and MACH-Zone™ controllers as meeting the requirements necessary to bear the BTL mark as Application Specific Controllers. Satisfaction of the testing requirements means these two products are now listed on the BACnet International Web site with the ‘BTL Listed' designation: BACnet International Product Catalogue.

The BTL designation means these two controllers are recognized as being ‘BACnet® compliant' for use in interoperable or native BACnet® installations. BTL recognition places Reliable Controls on the cutting edge of building automation product development and validates Reliable Controls' commitment to providing BACnet® solutions throughout the entire Reliable Controls MACH-System.

The BTL provides product testing services for BACnet International. Products are tested for conformance to the BACnet® protocol as defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The BACnet® protocol defines a standard for communication within the building automation industry. When different manufacturer's products implement the BACnet® standard, information may be shared between the products in a seemless fashion. Think of the possibilities enabled… the office worker of the future may gain access to a building via a card reader. The card reader shares the access information with the components of a building automation system that may turn on the lights required to light the way to the individual's office, enable the HVAC system to condition the temperature of the office, and direct the Closed Circuit TV system to inform the security officers of the presence of the worker. The possibilities are endless for the automated building of the future.