New Product Release   April 13, 2013

SMART-Sensor LCD with CO2 Sensor Released

The SMART-Sensor™ LCD, performing with excellence since its initial release in 2004, has just been significantly improved. An integrated CO2 sensor option has now been added to further compliment the feature-rich design of this flexible and economical product. The new CO2 sensor has a convenient auto-calibration feature that establishes a baseline CO2 level for any space. So it calibrates on its own! The new CO2 model adds yet another desirable option to the SMART-Sensor's all-in-one packaging, eliminating the need to install multiple sensing devices in a given space.

Technical Specifications for the CO2 Model

  • Non-Dispersive Infrared Optical Sensor
  • 0-2000 PPM range
  • Accuracy ±50 PPM ±3% of reading (resolves to 1 PPM)
  • Manual calibration is available
  • Automatic calibration built-in
  • Non Linearity < 1% of full scale
  • Power: adds 2 mA to the base SSL (extremely low power)

Click here for more information on the SMART-Sensor™ LCD with CO2 or email [email protected]