New Product Release   May 17, 2011

Brilliant Touch

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the new Touch Screen Panel. Optimized to deliver high luminance and robust performance, the Touch Screen Panel (TSP) is a compact, fanless touch panel computer with an embedded Windows operating system ideal for Web browser, kiosk, and all other HMI touch applications.

The centerpiece of this product line is a 15" Panel-PC. Reliable Controls spent a significant amount of time researching touch screens and we are confident that this product works very well with RC-Studio® 2.0. The TSP also comes with a 7-year service life from the manufacturer, which is to say it will not be phased out by the manufacturer for 7 years. Most consumer-based touch screen products are supported for less than a year. The manufacturer’s warranty is two years. The TSP can also be purchased with an installed copy of RC-Studio® 2.0, at a discounted price. A 4-point VESA 75 mounting bracket for the TSP is an optional accessory.

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