New Product Release   February 28, 2011

Web server. Simplified.

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the official release of the fully programable MACH-ProWeb™ (MPW) BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) with a built-in Web server and operator interface. The MACH-ProWeb™ is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of a BACnet® Operator Workstation (B-OWS).

The Reliable Controls MACH-ProWeb™ combines the field controller, configurable Web server, and browser driven workstation into a single device which is simple to use, flexible to engineer, and highly economical. In fact, the MACH-ProWeb™ is the first three-in-one device of its kind, combining B-BC, B-OWS, and Web server capabilities into a single package with an installed footprint of a typical building controller.

Program the MACH-ProWeb™ point database, Control-BASIC sequence, and graphics just as you would for any other Reliable Controls product. The MACH-ProWeb™ is a fully functional BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC). Using the MACH-ProWeb Tools in RC-Studio® 2.0, it is extremely simple to select and post resource files to the MPW and manage future changes.

The MPW interface provides total functionality required for day-to-day building operations Using a standard browser (IE 8, Firefox 3, Chrome 5, Safari 5, or higher) on a PC or Mac, enter the URL of the MACH-ProWeb™ and navigate through the system to access and print point values, alarms, schedules, trend logs, runtime logs, and audit trails.

The AHR Expo and its co-sponsors, ASHRAE and AHRI, recently recognized the MACH-ProWeb™ with an Honorable Mention designation in the Building Automation Category of the 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. A panel of industry professionals, selected for their knowledge and expertise in HVACR, found the MACH-ProWeb™ to be worthy of this industry-coveted recognition.

Find out about the MACH-ProWeb™ on the Reliable Controls website @