New Product Release   June 10, 2008

New Software Key from Reliable Controls

After extensive discussions with our Authorized Dealer network, Reliable Controls has moved forward with initiatives to strengthen our software authorization process by employing a software key. RC-Archive® 2.0 Update 1.10 is the first software offering from Reliable Controls to require the use of a software key (USB-Key) for authorization.

The Reliable Controls USB-Key offers several key advantages. Firstly, the USB-Key will not automatically de-authorized if something changes on the PC (e.g., bios setting, hard drive upgrade, etc). Secondly, it is easy to move the license on the USB-Key between machines. If the client buys a new machine, simply download the latest software from the web, and insert the USB-Key, and the installation will be automatically authorized. Another advantage of the USB-Key is that administrators can expand the number of archives permitted by purchasing additional licenses and adding them to an existing USB-Key. The new RC-License Manager™ software that ships with RC-Archive® 2.0 Update 1.10 allows this to be done easily. Yet another advantage of a USB-Key is that administrators can borrow the license from the USB-Key and hold it in a machine for up to 7 days. This is very handy if end-users or administrators wish to operate a machine temporarily without a USB-Key, or to temporary authorize a machine for a balancing contractor or commissioning agent. And lastly, in the future, administrators will be able to add licenses for RC-Studio®) or RC-Toolkit®, or any other Reliable Controls software, when those software products are updated for use with a USB-Key.