New Product Release   January 29, 2008

Reliable Controls® unleashes the power of the MACH-Pro Series

Reliable Controls is proud to announce the release of two new products, the MACH-ProSys™ building controller and the MACH-ProPoint™ expansion module. Two years in the making, these products recently made a prominent splash at the AHR Expo 2008 in New York and are now available for purchase through a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer near you.

The MACH-ProSys™ is a sleek and powerful 32-bit based BACnet® device that delivers unprecedented value in a high performance programmable building controller. The MACH-ProSys™ provides high speed communications, 12 inputs and 8 outputs, and multi-protocol support. The MACHProSys™ controller database allows users to define up to 160 universal I/O on a single address. The additional I/O points are added to the MACH-ProSys™ using convenient MACH-ProPoint™ I/O expansion modules. Up to 7 MACH-ProPoint™ expansion modules can be added to each MACHProSys™ controller, an idea combination for large installation projects.

The MACH-ProPoint™ is a general purpose expansion module designed for use with the MACH-ProCom™ and MACH-ProSys™ BACnet® controllers. Each MACH-ProPoint™ expansion module offers a robust 12 universal inputs and 8 universal outputs. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be connected to a single MACH-ProCom™ controller and up to 7 expansion modules can be added to the MACH-ProSys™ controller. Both maximum configurations increase the controller capacity to 96 inputs and 64 outputs, or 160 I/0 on a single address. Each expansion module has a separate isolated 24 VDC power supply for powering peripheral devices. The expansion module is also available with optional HOA (Hand/Off/Auto) switches and adjustable voltage trim potentiometer for convenient field override.

For further information on these exciting new products visit, the MACH-Pro™ Series Controllers page.