New Product Release   October 29, 2007

RC-Archive 2.0 Released

RC-Archive® 2.0 has recently been released by Reliable Controls® and offers a myriad of new features and functionality added to what is already considered by many in the building automation industry to be the pinnacle suite of BAS software.

RC-Archive® 2.0 is a dependable SQL-based data acquisition application used to create long-term Trend Logs archived from multiple buildings. End-users can quickly gain access to numerous Trend Logs recorded from multiple buildings, automatically polled using Ethernet (IP) communications. Alarm messages can be automatically emailed by the server to communicate server status. RC-Archive® 2.0 maintains an SQL database of Trend Log data which is accessed by Reliable Controls® workstation software, RC-Studio® 2.0, to provide seamless integration with real-time online data. Archived data can be easily viewed, graphed, printed, or exported into third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

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