DIN Rail Mounting Kit
Mounting convenience

The Reliable Controls® MP-DINRAIL™ is a two piece ABS adapter that is custom designed to convert the standard MACH-Pro(Web)Com™, MACH-Pro(Web)Sys™, MACH-ProPoint™, and MACH-Pro1/2™ enclosures to be DIN rail mountable.

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Product features

Aesthetic Design

  • Smooth contoured lines.
  • Slim profile and color matches MACH-Pro line of controllers.


  • Easily screws onto controller for connection to DIN rail.
  • Utilize screws that accompany controller to affix MP-DINRAIL.
  • Simple snap to attach to DIN rail to the controller.

Technical specifications


  • 12.59 cm L x 5.12 cm W x 1.8 cm H (4 15/16" L x 2” W x 11/16" H).


  • DIN rail, 35 mm.


  • 0.037 kg (0.081 lb) per clip X 2 (0.074 kg 0.162 lb).