Relay Mounting Plate

The RE-WR-MP relay mounting plate is a custom designed relay holder to fit WR-6161 and WR-6172 relays. Each RE-WR-MP has ten relay slots that can easily be separated into whatever quantity is needed.

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Product features

Spring Clip

  • Quick release of relay by spring clip.

Mounting Holes

  • Four mounting holes.

Relay Compatibility

  • Compatible with RE-WR6161K-84 and RE-WR6172 relays.

Technical specifications


  • 116 mm L x 25 mm W x 13 mm H (4 9/16" L x 1" W x 1/2" H).
  • Total Dimensions - 10 Units: 116 mm L x 250 mm W x 13 mm H (4 9/16” L x 9 13/16” W x 1/2” H).


  • Capable of mounting up to 10 relays.
  • Mounting plate can be broken apart as required.


  • 0.181 kg (0.4 lb.).