SMART-Net Expansion Board

For SMART-Net™ devices that use terminal-block connections instead of modular RJ11 connections, the SMART‑Net Expansion Board maximizes both the number of SMART‑Sensor devices you can use and the combined SMART‑Net cable length you can connect to a host controller. Powered externally or by the host controller with 24 VAC or VDC, the SMART‑Net Expansion Board supplies power for up to 16 SMART‑Sensor devices and does not repeat the SMART‑Sensor signal, simplifying field wiring and providing a high degree of flexibility.

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Product features

  • RJ11 or four-pin port allows you to connect the SMART-Net Expansion Board to the controller’s SMART-Net port.
  • Use multiple SMART-Net Expansion Boards to maximize the length of the SMART-Net network.
  • Optional external power, supplied by 24 VDC or 24 VAC connection, boosts the power for heavily loaded SMART-Net networks.

Technical specifications


  • Derived from the host controller.
  • Optional external power with 9–24 VDC at 600 mA or 24 VAC, 3 VA.


  • RJ11 port or designated four-pole screw terminal block.
  • Accepts 12–30 AWG wire.
  • Four 4-pole screw terminal blocks connect to SMART-Net devices.
  • Optional two-pin power.

Ambient Limits

  • Operating: -18°C to 49°C (0°F to 120°F).
  • Shipping: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F).
  • Humidity: 10%–90% RH noncondensing.


  • 8.3 cm L x 6.4 cm W x 2.5 cm H
    (3 1/4” L x 2 1/2” W x 1” H).


  • 55 g (0.121 lb).


  • SMART-Sensor voice cable or any wire type from 12–30 AWG for host controller connection.
  • Maximum distance of 75 m (250 ft) from the host controller to the last SMART-Net device.


  • ROHS.
  • WEEE.


Host Controller

Host controller

SMART–Net Network

SMART–Net network

Power Select

Power select