Property Management Integration Software

Empower your front desk property management system to automatically assign comfort levels upon check‑in and save energy, using RC‑Hospitality, the simple, flexible, and sustainable guest‑room integration solution from Reliable Controls. RC‑Hospitality automatically assigns the HVAC/lighting occupancy setting for any room upon guest check‑in, enabling the MACH‑System to improve guest‑room comfort and operational efficiency, while delivering analytics for the entire facility. With RC‑Hospitality and the MACH‑System, integrating guest‑room control, saving energy, and demonstrating greenhouse gas reductions has never been easier!

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Property Management System Integration

  • Provides custom integration into OPERA Property Management Systems (PMS).
  • Networks into existing PMS using TCP/IP (Ethernet).
  • Accommodate up to 2000 rooms.

BACnet Protocol

  • Supports the international standard BACnet protocol (ISO16484-7 and ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2012).
  • Integrates into existing BACnet HVAC and lighting controllers using BACnet/IP (B/IP).
  • Supports writing room status to any of the following BACnet objects:
  • AI — Analog Input
  • BI — Binary Input
  • MI — Multi-state Input
  • AO — Analog Output
  • BO — Binary Output
  • MO — Multi-state Output
  • AV — Analog Value
  • BV — Binary Value
  • MV — Multi-state Value

Set and Forget Configuration

  • Configuration scope involves simply editing two *.ini files using "Notepad".
  • RC-Hospitality.ini file is used to configure PMS TCP/IP network information and room identifiers. Room identifiers can be any alpha-numeric character combination, such as PH1, Penthouse 1, BallRm-W, BallRoomWest, or 1234.
  • BACdoc.ini file is used to configure the BACnet address of the Network Interface Card (NIC).

Intuitive Interface

  • Main window contains Menu Bar, Room List, Log List, and Status Bar.
  • Menu Bar contains the Exit, View, Help, PMS connection status, and language.
  • Room List screen shows the current configuration of rooms and their occupancy status according to the PMS. The BACnet Object Properties for each room is shown as well as the communication status of the BACnet Device controlling the room.
  • Log List screen shows a running history of significant events that have occurred.
  • Status Bar at the bottom of the interface displays the copyright notice and current version of the BACdoc.ini file.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Flexible Functions

  • View Menu provides access to flexible functions:
  • Clear Log List allows you to clear all messages from the Log List.
  • Test Communications sends a signal to each room's configured BACnet device and displays the results of the test in the Log List.
  • Force Update sends an immediate update to all occupancy object values.
  • Show OPERA Messages toggles the visibility of PMS messages in the Log List.
  • Resynchronize Room Status forces RC-Hospitality to request the status of all rooms from the PMS.


  • Oracle validated under Gold Partner program.

Tech Specs

Recommended Workstation Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5, 3GHz PC.
  • 128 MB hard disk space free, or higher.
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • 1920 X 1080, 32-bit color display.
  • 2 x 100Mbps Ethernet NIC.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10.

Application Diagram

Screen Captures