Scalable versatile security

RC-Passport is a flexible, ergonomic, and scalable security solution that provides excellent value for a wide range of security challenges.

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System Features

  • High performance software incorporating Microsoft SQL Server operational database
  • Flexibility to address a wide range of applications, from simple alarm annunciation to multi-facility security management
  • Full compliance with FIPS-201 requirements
  • Scalable, open architecture design enabling high degree of customization
  • GIS-based maps with user-definable icons and layers linked to real-time data
  • Integrated visitor management solution

Access Control

  • The latest smart card and biometric technologies
  • Multiple levels of anti-passback management
  • Emergency mustering and gathering points
  • Buddy/escort rules
  • Fully integrated video imaging software
  • On-site enrollment of personnel into access control and badging databases
  • Real-time comparisons between live video and stored images allow for visual verification from the same workstation

Video Management

  • Integration between CCTV switching and control within the alarm management system
  • Direct serial communication links to matrix switchers allow alarm activated CCTV camera and monitor callup
  • Server configurations are implemented from the workstation, eliminating the need to maintain and operate an additional interface
  • Capable of integrating both digital and analog camera systems
  • Camera sequencing Record tagging
  • Full control of individual cameras

Intrusion Detection

  • The most robust intrusion detection and alarm handling system in the industry
  • Alarm annunciation times of less than two seconds over even the largest, most technically challenging communications networks
  • Alarms can be categorized and sorted in to hundreds of user defined categories

Tech Specs

Recommended Workstation Requirements

  • All hardware rated for continuous server operation
  • Intel Xeon E33.10 GHz or better
  • x64 system architecture
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Hardware RAID in a redundant performance configuration with 10K RMP SAS drives or better
  • 50 GB hard disk space free or higher
  • CD-ROM drive or Internet connection for software installation
  • Gigabit Network Interface Card (server quality)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or greater
  • Microsoft SQLServer 2014 (x64) or greater (purchased separately for databases exceeding the 10 GB SQL Express database size limitation)
  • Ensure IT management processes do not allow SQL database size limitations to be exceeded