BACnet Virtual Private Network Software

Simplify your IT management and improve your data communications security with RC‑RemoteAccess®, a flexible BACnet Virtual Private Network (B/VPN) solution that is scalable and affordable. This easy-to-use software does not require additional routers or controllers to deploy and permits multiple separate VLAN configuration. Save time and money by deploying and managing your own BACnet secure network.

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  • Supports Domain Name Server (DNS) or static IP for server ID.
  • Supports Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) clients.
  • Hosts multiple B/VPNs by name, not port number.
  • A single inbound port services multiple B/VPNs and minimizes port forwarding rules, while improving security.


  • Secures all communications with 256-bit encryption, which requires authentication and system identifier credentials.
  • Uses TLS protocol (version TLS1.2 or greater).
  • Supports up to 2,048-bit server certificates to secure connections.

BACnet Support

  • Uses standard BACnet routing rules between connected clients.

Network Access

  • Connects multiple remote systems into a single BACnet internetwork across the internet.
  • Eliminates the need for BACnet Broadcast Management Devices (BBMDs), Broadcast Distribution Tables (BDTs), foreign device registrations, static public IP addresses, and forwarding of unencrypted BACnet communications through firewalls.
  • Supports a redundant Failover server for added network reliability.


  • Uses TCP for superior data integrity and persistent communications.

B/VPN Configuration

  • A wizard guides the client configuration process.

License and Updates Subscription

  • Licensing is limited by the number of B/VPN clients per server.
  • Up to a maximum of 5000 B/VPN clients per server.
  • Redundant Failover server requires a base software license.
  • 12 month updates subscription included with initial license purchase.
  • No penalty to renew expired subscriptions.

Tech Specs

Recommended Server Requirements

  • Intel Core i5, 3Ghz PC.
  • 1 GB hard disk space free, or higher.
  • Internet connection (required for download and installation).
  • Network Interface Card (NIC) for Ethernet communications.
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server R2 Standard Edition, or newer.
  • Microsoft Azure hosted Virtual Machine.

Browser Support

  • Chrome.
  • Internet Explorer 11+.

Application Diagram

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