Configured by a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer, the myControl mobile app offers fully customized mobile interfaces to your Reliable Controls MACH-System.


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Product features

Multiple Views
  • One myControl app installation can be used to display multiple views programmed in multiple MACH-System controllers.
  • Choose the app view that’s right for you. Current app views include SPACEview, LISTview, and STATview.
  • The number of views configured within the myControl app is limited only by the memory of the mobile device.
Multiple Setpoints
  • Supports single setpoints.
  • Supports dual setpoints.
  • Supports tristate setpoints.
Multiple System Connections
  • Easily switch between multiple system connections saved in the app.
Fully Customizable
  • Any configurable object from anywhere in the MACH-System can be accessed from the myControl app (See view-specific configurable objects in the App Views section).
Popular Mobile Support
  • Android devices.
  • Apple devices.
Supported Host Devices
  • MACH-ProView, all models.
  • RC-WebView 3.
  • MACH-ProWebCom, MACH-ProWebSys.
Configurable Themes
  • Choose from five different themes for your mobile device: normal, high contrast, black, green, and blue sky.

Technical specifications

Recommended Operating Systems
  • Android 2.3.3 or higher.
  • iOS 7.0 or higher.
App Stores
  • Google Play.
  • Apple App Store.
  • Views can be programmed directly in a MACH-ProView using RC-Studio.
  • Use a myControl graphic template to configure views in MACH-System controllers other than the MACH-ProView.


App Views


Allows up to 9 points to be configured in a simple and sleek interface. Configurations can include:

  • Room temperature
  • Fan (on, off, low, medium, high, auto)
  • Lights (on, off, dimmable)
  • Sunshades (open, close, adjustable)
  • Occupancy
  • Humidity and setpoint
  • CO2 and setpoint
  • Single temperature setpoint
  • Dual temperature setpoint (heat/cool)
  • Tristate setpoint (cool/heat/auto)
  • Up to 3 ambient points (any analog input, output, or value)
  • Location name can be customized by the end user






Allows the flexibility to configure up to 12 points of the following types:

  • Input (IN, AI, BI)
  • Output (OUT, AO, BO, MO)
  • Variable (VAR, AV, BV, MV)
  • Location name can be customized by the end-user


Allows up to 12 points to be configured into a display that resembles a familiar thermostat. Configurations can include:

  • Fan Mode (on, off, low, medium, high, auto)
  • Fan Status (on, off, low, medium, high)
  • System Mode (off, heat, cool, auto)
  • System Status (off, heat, cool)
  • Room temperature
  • Single setpoint
  • Dual setpoint
  • Occupancy
  • Up to 2 Space objects (any input, output, or value)
  • Up to 3 ambient objects (any analog input, output, or value)
  • Location name customizable by the end user