SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint
Wireless Transceiver

Aesthetically designed to complement any decor, the Reliable Controls SMART‑Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint opens the door for integration of a wide variety of EnOcean wireless sensors and output devices with the Reliable Controls system.

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Product features

EnOcean Enabled

  • Compatible with EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEPs) 4BS,* 1BS, and RPS.
  • EnOcean is the wireless standard for sustainable buildings.

* For a full list of supported EEPs, refer to the SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint User Guide.


  • Software-selectable repeater function.


  • Communicates through the SMART‑Net port on Reliable Controls system controllers.**
  • Maximum of eight SMART‑Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint devices per SMART-Net.
  • Occupies two traditional SMART‑Sensor addresses.

** Transmit functionality available only on MACH-Pro series products.

Aesthetic Design

  • Smooth contoured lines.

Setpoint Slider (-S Option)

  • Sends scalable analog signal to receiver.

Override Button (-O Option)

  • Sends momentary on/off signal to the receiver.
  • Soft rubber button design.

868 MHz ASK Radio (-868 Model)

  • Uses amplitude-shift keying (ASK) radio.

902 MHz FSK Radio (-902 Model)

  • Uses frequency-shift keying (FSK) radio.


  • Dedicated temperature and override points.
  • 18 user-programmable points from EnOcean devices. Some sensors take multiple points.
  • Learn button scans all EnOcean devices within range.
  • LED status for learned devices.

Connection and Addressing

  • Configure the SMART-Net network address using DIP switches.
  • Valid addresses are 1–15.
  • Easy four-wire connection.

Signal Strength Mode

  • Indicates received signal strength in RC-Studio.


  • 5 years.

Technical specifications

Supply Voltage from Controller

  • SMART-Net: +5 VDC at 35 mA.


  • Frequency: 868 MHz or 902 MHz.
  • Data rate/modulation type: 125 Kbps/ASK or FSK.
  • Receiver sensitivity (at 25°C) typically -98 dBm.
  • Conducted output power typically 7.5 dBm.
  • Radio regulations:
    • R&TTE EN 300 220 (STM 300).
    • FCC CFR 47 Part 15 (TCM 300C).

Transmission Range

  • 30 m (100 ft) line of sight.***

*** Theoretical maximum limit. May be less on site.

Wiring Terminals

  • Rising cage screw mounted.
  • 14–26 AWG (2.08–0.13 mm2).
  • Stranded or solid core.
  • Copper conductors only.

Temperature Specifications

  • 10-bit linear active thermistor.
  • Range: -8°C to 39°C (18°F to 102°F).
  • ±0.05°C (0.09°F) resolution.
  • User calibrated to ±0.1°C (0.18°F) accuracy.

Override Button (-O Option)

  • Optional tactile override button.


  • Red and green LEDs mounted on circuit board provide programming status and feedback.

Piezo Buzzer

  • 2 kHz buzzer for programming status.

Setpoint Slider (-S Option)

  • 0%–100% setpoint slider.


  • 7 cm W x 12 cm H x 3 cm D
    (2 3/4 " W x 4 3/4" H x 1 3/16" D).


  • 0.086 kg (0.19 lb).

Ambient Limits

  • Operating: -8°C to 39°C (18°F to 102°F).
  • Shipping: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F).
  • Humidity: 10%–90% RH noncondensing.


  • FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Class B.
  • WEEE.